Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sister in Law Sex Story

One afternoon my wife received a call from her sister, seems she and her husband had a falling out about his infidelities and she was leaving him, my wife of course offered to let he stay at our house till she worked things out. She arrived with only a overnight bag, and most of the late afternoon and evening I avoided them as my wife consoled her and they sat and drank wine.
By 9:00 the sobbing had ended and they both were pretty drunk, as I spent time with them my thoughts turned back to my sister-in-law. She was slender, had small breasts and a ass that was to die for, I was forever undressing her with my eyes and wondering what she looked like beneath the conservative clothes she always wore.

Since it was man bashing night in my house they ordered me to refill their drinks, which I gladly did to let them vent their frustration of men. While in the kitchen looking at the last of the wine, I noticed my bottle of valium on the counter and thought to myself, if they want to feel no pain tonight, I'll help them.

There was just enough wine left for two glasses so I took out three valiums and crushed them between two spoons and put it into the bottle, Shook it well, and delayed a bit while the last chunks dissolved. My intention was just to get them thoroughly stoned and end the pain, both for me having to listen to all this, and for her.
I poured the glasses and brought them in and was thoroughly chastised for being so slow. Over the next 45 min the girls finished their wine and began to get tired. My wife, who can't hold her drinks to begin with began to fall asleep, so I encouraged her to go to bed, and told her I would fold out the couch for her sister.

As I began to make up the bed the two girls went off, my sister-in-law to change for bed, my wife to start the dishwasher and turn off the lights. As they met in the kitchen I heard my wife offering her sister two Ambian to help her sleep, knowing that she was very upset. She gladly took them though she was already two sheets to the wind.
My sister-in-law was wearing a long nightshirt that went to her knees as she came into the living room to go to bed. My wife headed upstairs and I retired to my office to play video games as I often do late weekend nights. I few minutes after my wife went upstairs I went back in to see if there was anything else my sister-in-law needed, I offered her another blanket and she gladly accepted.

So off I went to the closet to get her one. When I returned only a few minutes later I saw she was already asleep. I told her I was here with her blanket but she did not respond, I set it on the bottom of the sofa bed and went back in my office. Over the next hour as I sat and played games my mind kept wandering to her laying just in the other room, I thought about all the wine, the valium and knowing what Ambian does to a person I started to think that she is probably pretty out of it. I started to think about finally getting a look at those small tits of hers, and began to wonder if she would awake.

I found myself getting hard as a rock as I thought about this, A couple times I went into the room to see if she would stir if I came in, she never did. I kept finding excuses to go in the living room, get my laptop, get a DVD, find my slippers. Never did she move. The thought of getting a look at her body started to take over, and my entrances into her room became bolder and bolder, I went in next time and turned on a lamp, figuring I had the excuse of turning up the heat for her. This time I spoke to her and asked her if she was warn enough, no response. I got bolder and gently shook her as if to wake her to ask if she needed the heat up, no response. I left the light on and left.

I returned to my office, my dick was rock hard and I was pacing as I fought what I wanted to do next. Finally after not much consideration I returned to the living room. This time I took the blanket I brought in and began to cover her, though she had one on already, I figured if she woke it would be a good excuse. I pulled it half way up on her, and then peeled both blankets up exposing her. There she lay on her back in her night shirt, she never moved. I was so close, I had to see. I lifted the nightshirt up and peered under, just enough that I could see those breasts I always wanted to see. They were perfect, very small, and appeared smaller because she laid on her back. I was so enthralled by her breasts that I barely noticed that I had exposed her panties too.

She was wearing pretty conservative while cotton panties, as I looked I could tell she didn't shave her pubes at all, the black hair was visible as a mound in he panties. Feeling bold, and not seeing a hint of movement from her I gently touched her mound, and started to slip my finger ever so gently down between her legs. I could feel the heat of her pussy as I rubbed over it.
At this point my dick was stone hard, and I needed to see more. The loose cotton panties offered me that ability, Gently I pulled them up from the waistband and I looked upon her huge bush. Let me tell you, hairy women really turned on, and she was perfect in all aspects. I reached in and just brushed her pubic hair. My needs grew more, and more I placed her waistband back, and slowly, gently spread her legs. I was able to get them spread quite wide, and still no movement from her.

With this view of her spread wide in her panties right before me I felt myself begin to climax right in my pants. When I recovered, I ran my fingers along the edge of her panties and pulled them back bringing her pussy into full view. As with her pubic hairs, I gently touched her pussy lips, and ran my finger up and down, slowly as I got no reaction I rubbed harder and harder, as I did, the moister grew and suddenly her lips opened right up for me. I began to rub my finger through her moist pussy lips, as my finger got wet I couldn't resist but to taste her juices. I sucked her juices of my finger and it was perfect, light in flavor, gentle musky smell.
I thought I was going cum again right then. But I returned to her pussy, a little more aggressive, I began to use her juices to slide my finger around her clit and it responded by standing right up hard. Her clit was larger than I have seen on other women, and was fun to tease. When I returned my finger to her pussy, it was wetter, and almost sucked my finger in as I rubbed over it. I was not finger fucking her, and she was not moving a inch.

I had all I could take and I lowered my mouth to her pussy, and began to lap up those juices, I took her clit in my mouth and began to suck it, this is the first time I her anything from her, and it was a very low moan. It startled me, and I froze as I looked up, but still no movement from her, so I returned to her pussy. As time went on I almost forgot I was eating a reluctant pussy and went at it as if it was a willing lover, I didn't regain my senses again till her legs squeezed my head in orgasm. Afterwards I looked up to see if I was busted, but she was still out, I had just given her a orgasm without her even knowing it.

At this point, I was half crazed with horniness, and I climbed on top of her, and inserted my penis in her, I swear she fucked me back, low moans, and was so wet. I shot my load in her. When I was done, I put her back as I found her, and went to bed, fantasy fulfilled.
The next morning she talked about how out of it she was, no mention of waking up messy, but I figured she just thought she'd had a very hot dream.

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