Friday, January 11, 2008

wants me

My wife Pat and I have Known Karen and John our dear friends for many years , I have always fancied Karen as she is tall 6’ 5” at least and has legs that seam to go on forever and show‘s them off by wearing short skirts, She has dark brown hair and very nice size tit’s she would put some models in the shade if she wanted to, I have always been envious of John as Pat is only 5’5” and well built . Don’t get me wrong I love her to bits but would love to make love to someone with a body like Karen’s.

Pat and I are more like Brother and sister in our marriage as we only kiss and cuddle and have not had sex for months Pat seams to have just gone off it. So I often have a wank when she is out often thinking of what I would do to Karen if only I had the bottle to make the first move.
Well One day Pat was out and Karen called to see her I said that she was out and would she like to come in and wait as I was sure she would not be long, Karen when though to the living room and I put the kettle on we are such good friends that we treat each others house’s like our own. So when I when into the front room Karen had put the TV on and was playing about with the remote and she started the DVD player I forgot the I had a porn film still in there from the night before.

When it started Karen gave me a look and a smile and said “O” you two watch these to do you I said No only me Pat dose not like them, Karen said John’s the same he dose not like them so are you like me watch them by yourself and wank off?? My mouth dropped open at that and spluttered “yes” in the years I had known them I had never heard Karen talk like that , I took the remote and went to turn if off but Karen said leave it on if you want I don’t think I have seen this one so I did ,after making the tea I sat in a chair next to the sofa where Karen was sitting and my Cock was starting to get hard inside my pants, Karen Patted the seat next to her and said I won’t bite you know and with the most wicked grin said Unless you want me to that is.
I said stop teasing me I dream of such things happening with that Karen asked how long Pat was going to be I was just going to say any time now when the Phone rang , It was Pat saying that she was stuck in town and would be at least three hours or more , I told Karen this and I thought she was going to leave but instead patted the seat beside her again and said we might as well watch this then as it will make a change having someone with me.

After a while my cock was bursting at the seams trying to free it’s self and I kept moving to try to get comfortable when Karen lent over and just undone my zip and took out my hard cock and licked her lips and placed her mouth over my cock forcing my foreskin back with her teeth as she slid more and more into her willing mouth. I gently placed a hand on the back of her head and started to fuck her face I closed my eyes and was just letting out low moans of pleasure .
I then pulled Karen up from my throbbing cock and stood up and just took off my clothes Karen said that my cock looked fantastic and much bigger than John’s , I took her hand and pulled her up and slowly undress her pulling her t-shirt over her head and for the first time caught sight of her breast’s in the half cup bra she was wearing, and I took a Sharpe in take of breath as they came into view and lent forward and kiss the soft flesh I could see her nipples getting harder and pushing against the bra so I undid it to let then free , I had never seen such a fantastic pair of tits and to be able to cup them in my hands and play with the nipple was out of this world.
I lent forward and sucked one nipple into my mouth and bit it gently making Karen moan and she started to breath heavy , while I was playing with her tits Karen lowered her hand and placed it around my cock and slowly started to wank me .

We carried on like this for a few minutes then I dropped to my knees and undid the side zip to her Mini skirt and as it fell to the floor, I was in for the biggest surprise of all this fantastic woman had no knickers on she was now just standing there in stocking and a black frilly suspender belt My mouth hit the floor I just could not believe my luck ,
Karen had a shaven fanny and without waiting I just pushed my face into it and my tongue hit her clit first time sending a shiver though her body Karen placed her hands on the back of her head and opened her legs further so I could get my mouth onto her pussy easier , She was now forcing my head hard against her my tongue was flicking her clit and I was drinking her juices down , I was also running my hands up and down the inside of her long, long legs I brought one hand up and ran my fingers along her slit and without warning I pushed two fingers into her and Karen’s legs nearly gave away as a orgasm went though her.

I could feel her fanny walls grip my fingers as the orgasm went on and on, Karen let go of my head and fell back onto the sofa behind her saying it was the first orgasm she had had for months that she had not brought on, and that John did not want sex that much , I said what a fucking idiot if she was my wife I would be fucking her most nights , she said how often do Pat and I have sex I said about three months ago was the last time.

I said that’s enough talking come here and I pulled her so she was sitting on the edge on the sofa which made her pussy push into the air a bit more and I once again place two fingers into her and Karen laid back and closed her eyes as I started to pump my fingers in and out of her she was getting so wet again I place a third finger into her and raised myself up so I could now start on her tits again ,
Karen started to thrust about forcing herself up onto my fingers as I thrust them into her and I could sense it would not be long before she came again so taking my fingers out of her soaking wet pussy and placing my fingers into her mouth she licked them clean .
As she was doing this I got between her legs and with one hard thrust entered her sending my full length into her right up until my balls banged her arse then pulling out until just the tip was just in her hole and forcing myself in once more.
Karen was shouting fuck me you bastard fuck me hard. Who was I to say know to this woman I placed my hands under her bum and forced myself into her as hard and fast as I could , Karen put her legs around me and crossed then behind me something Pat could not do as her legs were not long enough , Karen was now helping me fuck her even harder we were both shouting out in pleasure and I said I am going to come , Karen shout out come on them shoot it up as far as you can I want your fucking load deep inside me.

I forced myself into her three or four more times and with one last push I held myself in as far as my Cock would go and empted my balls of cum inside her we kissed as my cock pumped and pumped inside her filling her up. I knew she had not quite reached her third orgasm yet so after we finished kissing I pulled out of her and went back to licking her out and I was drinking my own cum with her dripping fanny juice and I was sucking her clit into my mouth and biting it and licking it , This sent her over the top once more as yet one more Orgasm ripped thought her , I sat up next to her and we were both panting for breath but Karen lent forward and lick my now limp cock dry and came up and we had a very long kiss and a cuddle .
Karen left about half hour later vowing to return another time when she knew Pat would be out . I can not wait.


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