Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Night with my Bestfriend

A Night with my Bestfriend
It started out like any other weekend. I worked all day and looked forward to my weekend with my best friend of over 10 years. We were gonna stay in and watch a couple movies instead of going out. Which I didn't mind because with all the work I had to do this week, the break looked very rewarding. Lisa and I have been best friends since we were 11 years old. We met in the chorus room and have been inseperable since. After high school, we went to college together and now we share an apartment. One thing I have admitted to her, is that I am attracted to her ( Yes I am bi!). She doesn't mind and she is still very affectionate towards me. I was confused about her feelings because one minute we would be holding hands when we go out, then the next she is off to herself. I was confused until that Friday night.

Lisa left me a note telling me that she would be home a little late, but go ahead and get everything together and she would bring the movies home with her. She came in at 9:30 and I had the blanket laid out on the couch and the popcorn and drinks on the table. I was just getting out of the shower and she came in the bathroom holding a towel for me. As usual, she kissed me on the cheek and helped me in the towel, letting her hand slide down my shoulder, to my breast, and the rest of my body. I looked at her and she smiled and started telling me about her day. She started to undress and asked me could you zip my dress down for me? and I said sure, just turn around. I don't know if she realized that I was highly turned on (considering I was naked and wet all over), but I swallowed hard and did it. Lisa is a very voluptuous woman. She has long brown hair that reaches the middle of her back, full breasts that are more than a handful, a tiny waist, and beautifully rounded hips. As for her backside, it is very round and and plentiful.'Lisa has the body of a goddess, I thought to myself as I watched her dress slide down her creamy shoulders to her wide, full hips. She turned and took her bra off and I looked at her with longing and wanted her right there. I hurried and put my dress on, practically running out of the bathroom. Before I could get my hand on the knob, she stopped me and asked me what was wrong. I turned and said I'm just going downstairs to finish getting everything ready. She let me go and I went and waited on the couch wearing nothing but a dress.

20 minutes later, she came downstairs wearing a long t- shirt and a pair of socks. She smelled like pear and it was a lovely fragrance on her. I had turned on a cd that I made a few years ago and it had our favorite song on it, which is Linger by The Cranberries. I was dancing to it and when I turned around, she was standing behind me. I was a little startled because it was totally unexpected. She laughed and asked you wanna dance? I said sure, why not. Lisa wrapped her arms around my neck and I had mine around her waist. She smelled so sweet and felt as soft as silk in my arms. We held each other close and I could feel how hard her nipples were under her shirt. I was incredibly turned on by her femininity and her very being. The song ended and she looked in pulled back and looked me in the eyes, and kissed me softly on the lips. I returned her kiss juat as softly as she kissed me, feeling her hands go up and down my back. When we pulled away, I took her by the hand and led her to the couch. We sat down and acted as if nothing happened, and I started the movie. I felt as if my head were spinning, and it felt like that whenever I was in her presence. We were a good 30 minutes into the movie and she reached over for my hand. I gave it to her and she rested her head on my shoulder, wrapping the other arm around my waist.

I held her close and she had to get up. I thought about this strap on that I bought a while back, wondering if she would want to use it. Just in case, I had it under the pillow ( I was not planning this! ). She came back and sat on my lap asking, would you mind giving me a massage? I said no, I wouldn't mind. Lisa let her legs fall on the sides of mine, and I started at her shoulders. Where else would you like? I asked, and she said my hips hurt a little and as if on key, she rotated them slowly on me. My throat went completely dry and I felt like someone had stuffed cotton down my throat. I massaged her hips and she moaned softly at the feel of it and once I finished, I slid my hands down her hips to her thighs. Bringing them back up slowly, I said All done. She said that feels so much better, and laid back on me, resting her head on my shoulder. I continued to rub her thighs gently, and she kissed me on the neck and told me thank you. I let my hands fall on the inside of her thighs and splayed them out, feeling the heat radiate from her womanly center. I brought my hands back up to her hips and rubbed her stomach in soft circles, causing her shirt to come up and revealing the entrance to her pussy. I saw that she wore a black lace g-string and laid my head back to look at her.

I kissed her and slid my hand up her stomach to her breasts, cupping both of them in my hands and feeling her wonderful nipples in my palms. Letting one of my hands stay on her juicy breast and nipple, I traced a small path down to her pussy and tapped it lightly, feeling her glorious body shiver under my touch. She sat up and turned her body to face me, having to raise her leg to put it on the other side of me. She kissed me and I laid back and rubbed my hands up and down her back as she rested her hands on my shoulers. She pulled back and looked at me intently. I took her shirt off and stared at her beautiful breasts, and rubbing my thumb across one of her nipples. She arched her back, thrusting them in my face, and I kissed her bosom and sucked her breast gently. Lisa moaned her pleasure as I sucked her nipple a little harder, letting it pop out of my mouth. I sat up and pulled my dress off and was completely naked underneath. She massaged my breasts in light circles and bent her head to suck my nipples as well. I put my hands in her hair and moaned gently and brought her face up to look at mine. I asked her Would you like to try something with me? She said weakly okay and I pulled the strap on from behind the pillow. She smiled seductively at me and stood up to take off her panties. I donned the strap on and got on my knees. I said put your leg up on the couch. I kissed the inside of her thighs and her pussy lips, tasting the moisture on them already. Mmm Lisa, you taste so sweet I said, dipping my tongue deep in her honey pot. She threw her head back, holding my head in her hands to her delicious pussy. I continued to lick and suck her clit and felt her convulse her hips, with her hot, sweet cum trickling down into my eagerly awaiting tongue.

Standing up, I kissed her intensely and held the cheeks of her ass, spreading them wide open. I pulled away from her and said get on your knees on the couch, and she did, spreading her legs wide. I stood behind her and put the head of the dildo into her pussy. She took a sharp intake of breath and I entered her all the way. Grabbing her hips, I began to make love to her slowly with deep strokes. I pulled out and got her to stand up. I sat on the couch and she straddled me, taking the whole thing inside of her. She just sat there at first, then she grinded her hips in circular motions. I took one of her breasts in my mouth and sucked it softly at first. Mmmm yess, she cried out suck it harder!. I sucked it as hard as I could and she bounced up and while I thrust it up inside of her. Letting her nipple fall out of my mouth, she whimpered for me to continue sucking. I went to the other breast and licked a circle around it, sucking the nipple hard. Lisa grabbed my hair and rode the dildo fast and hard. Pulling her down on the dildo, and thrusting it up inside her, she grabbed me by the hair and screamed Oohhhh Fuck, YESSSS and she came all over the dildo. I took her tit out of my mouth and kissed her passionately. She told me I love you" and I said I love you more, and we kissed each other deeper. She got off, and we went to bed holding each other close.