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Into the Arms of a True Love

Into the Arms of a True Love
It was Monday morning and Sue watched her husband drive off to work like she had done countless times before over the last two and a half years. Watching the car disappear down the street she walked back in to the empty house with a sigh. It was getting close to three years since she had married Scott and at first it had been fun and exciting but things had changed or as she liked to say, The honeymoon was over. Closing the front door she headed back into the kitchen to finish her morning coffee before she began her day. Wearing what she normally did every day, a short terry cloth robe with a pair of thong panties, around the house during the day while she cleaned and did the other house chores that had now begun to drag on her.

For the last couple of years it was about as exciting as it got for her walking around the house half nude or even sometimes she would do it in the nude to break the boredom. She was 24 years old, long blonde hair, 5' 9", with a firm muscle toned body that most women would die for. A couple of years ago she started working out at a fitness center three times a week, then started doing advanced aerobics workout on Saturdays. Four months ago she and her best friend Janet had signed up for a year of Karate and she had incorporated the karate workouts with her other workouts. She had to admit that she was in fantastic physical shape but the main reason she did it was to catch her husband's eye. She knew that she got looks from guys at the gym and karate dojo but the man she wanted to notice didn't seem to. Scott her husband over the last year and a half had become more attuned to his job than caring what she did or even looked like. He left early in the morning and was late getting home at night.

They would eat supper then afterwards he would go into the den to work for a couple more hours and then crawl into bed and go to sleep. One night she had put on some very sexy Victoria Secret Lingerie to serve him dinner but all he did was kiss her on the cheek and told her he had eaten a late lunch and wasn't hungry. He walked into the den where he began working without even batting an eye at the outfit Sue had on. Sue hadn't had sex with Scott in about eight months and lately it didn't take much for her to become aroused. Sue sat there sipping her coffee looking at a catalog of sexy lingerie she had gotten in the mail. Over the last couple of months she had begun to notice other women working out at the gym and how sexy they looked in their workout gear, especially her friend and personal trainer, Janet. While she sat looking at the catalog she noticed how sexy the models looked and soon found herself becoming aroused at the site of the women in the catalog. She let one of her hands slide into her robe and began to massage her nipples. Sue had taken to masturbating more and more because of the lack of attention from Scott. Sue let out a soft moan as her fingers lightly twisted her nipples, while her other hand slid down into her thong. Sue paused long enough to undo her robe belt and let the robe fall open exposing her medium sized, firm breasts with their nipples standing erect and her thong becoming wet as she let her hand slide inside of them. She sprawled back in the chair and let out another moan as she felt her orgasm beginning to build.Suddenly she heard the sound of Scott's cell phone ringing breaking her mood.

She let out a loud sigh and looked up from the catalog seeing her husband's cell phone on the kitchen counter. "Fuck even when he isn't here he still can ruin a good moment. She mumbled as she got up and walked over to the phone. Sue adjusted her panties and then closed her robe as she approached the counter where Scott's phone was sitting. She was surprised that he had forgotten his phone this morning because he always carried it with him. She stared at the phone for a moment debating on whether to pick it up or let it ring. On an impulse she picked it up and answered it. Hello? A female voice spoke on the other end, Scott? Is that you? Sue stood there for what seemed like an eternity with the cell phone to her ear as she debated whether to speak when she felt it being torn from her fingers. She turned around to see Scott standing there with an angry look on his face as he put the phone to his ear. How about I call you back? I'm not at the office yet and I need to look at some papers before we discuss it. He hung up the phone and headed back out to the car.Sue stood there stunned first at hearing a female voice on the phone but also the way Scott had ripped the phone from her hand. She shook her head and ran after him wanting to know what the hell was going on. She reached the front door and saw Scott shutting the car drive and starting up the car. Hey Scott, what the hell was that about? Scott glared over at Sue, Listen honey it was a co-worker who is helping me on a big project at work. Sue put her hands on her hips and said with an equal glare back, I figured she was one of your coworkers but what made me mad was the way you ripped the phone from my hands! Look I don't have time to discuss it with you right now. I've got a meeting in little over an hour and the traffic is a bear. We'll talk about it when I get home tonight! Scott said putting the car in gear and backing out of the drive and then heading off down the street leaving Sue standing on the front porch. Sue felt the anger rising in her as her husband's car disappeared down the street. She stormed back inside and slammed the front door closed. The erotic moment she had been having earlier was totally gone. What's the matter with him? she said out loud. You think I couldn't talk on a phone! She headed upstairs and went into the bedroom where she tore off her robe and got dressed in to some workout clothes then grabbed her workout bag. She charged downstairs grabbed her car keys and headed out the front door.

She needed to work off the anger because this was the last straw and she needed to be calm when they talked tonight. Everything over the last year and a half had been building up to this and now she had enough of his nonsense. Throwing her bag in the car she got in and headed to the gym.Sue got to the gym where she quickly threw her things in her locker then headed for the treadmill where she kicked up the speed above where she normally did the treadmill. Thirty minutes later she got off the treadmill wiping the sweat off of her face then headed to the free weights where she started doing dumbbell curls and finally she felt herself calming down. She finished doing the third set of dumbbell curls when Janet, one of the trainers that worked there and her best friend came over surprised that Sue was in the gym working out this early in the morning. On Mondays they both met in the gym around 2:00 before Janet had to begin her shift at the gym to workout together. Janet was 27, 6'1, an Afro-American woman, with a very well, physically developed body. She had almost made it to the WNBA but a knee injury had ended that dream. Now she was a certified professional trainer that worked mainly with women. Hey girl, I thought today you and I were going to do the usual workout like we normally do on Mondays? Jack told me when I came in that you were on the treadmill running like a rabbit with a wolf on its tail. Either you suddenly have gotten energized or you're pissed off at that no good husband of yours again. Janet said sitting down next to Sue and handing her a towel.Janet had met Sue a couple of years ago at the local supermarket and both had struck up a conversation in the checkout line.

By the time they had gone through the checkout Janet had convinced Sue to join her gym to break the boring routine of being a stay home wife. Since then they had often worked out together and had also joined Karate together as well. They had become close friends, almost like sisters and there were times they had sat in the sauna at the gym and both bared their souls to each other, including the fact that Janet was a lesbian and Sue had admitted to the tensions and problems between her and her husbandSue took the towel and wiped off her face. I don't want to talk about it right now. I'm just now calming down and I sure don't have the energy to get worked up again. Janet had found Sue to be very attractive when they first met and as they worked out together she saw Sue blossom into a very desirable woman. On quite a few occasions she had daydreams of her and Sue making love but she respected Sue being married and valued her friendship even more. Look, I just came in to get my paycheck and catch up on some paperwork how about you go shower up and after that we can go get some coffee over at the coffee house and talk about it.

Janet said putting her arm around Sue's shoulder.Sue shook her head, usually they would go to the Expresso Coffee House to talk but today Sue didn't feel like it. Janet can we just skip the coffee? I just need someplace quiet to talk. Wow this sounds pretty serious! How about you get your stuff and we can go to my place to talk. It's only about 20 minutes from here, you could leave your car here and you can use my shower to clean up while I fix us a drink and snack. Janet said helping Sue to stand up. You might as well say okay because I won't take no for an answer! Thirty minutes later the women were pulling up in front of Janet's apartment complex and a few minutes later Sue was taking a hot shower. Janet went into the kitchen of her apartment and pulled out a big bowl of Spicy Chicken salad. She fixed two medium sized bowls of the salad with two glasses of Chardonnay. She put them on the table that sat in front of her sliding glass windows where the morning sun was shining on it.Janet looked one last time at the table being bathed in the morning sunlight and then walked in to her bedroom to change out of her sweats and put on some shorts and a tank top and also decided to give Sue her big fuzzy cloth robe to wear when she got out of the shower. It would help Sue relax to open up about what had happened with her and Scott. Whatever Scott had done it had really fired up Sue. Janet took off her sweats and then took off her bra and bikini panties. She grabbed a white, tight fitting tank top that accented her firm medium sized breasts, which showed clear outlines of her nipples poking through the material. She then put on some loose fitting workout shorts with nothing underneath. Grabbing the robe she walked into the bathroom. She saw Sue's nude body through the clear shower doors and couldn't help but let out a soft sigh. What was Scott's problem? This was one hot looking woman. She cleared her thoughts and said, Hey about putting on my robe instead of getting dressed it might help you relax a little better while we sit down and have a snack to do some girl talk? Sue had been standing there letting the hot water wash over her body and letting the morning events go down the drain with the water. She didn't hear Janet come in until she heard Janet's voice break into her thoughts. Sue opened the shower door a little bit and saw Janet standing there in a pair of loose fitting shorts and a tight fitting white tank top that showed Janet's nipples sticking out and holding a robe. She was going to turn down the robe but thought again.

Sure why not it's what I normally wear around my house anyway and besides, it looks pretty comfortable. Janet hung the robe on the door and said, I'll be waiting out at the table in the dining area. I fixed us some of my famous Spicy Chicken salad as well as a couple glasses of Chardonnay. Janet took one quick glance at the nude body of Sue and felt herself becoming aroused but she cleared her mind quickly and headed out to the table to wait for Sue. Sue needed a friend to talk to and not to be taken advantage of. Of course if Scott royally screwed up the marriage the possibilities were always there.Sue watched Janet hang the robe up on a hook and then closed the door. Sue reached over and turned the water off and stood there for a moment. She realized that Janet had taken a moment to look at her body before she left. Sue wished that Scott would do that but it seemed that after this morning that might not happen any time soon. Getting out of the shower she dried her hair and the rest of her body then let the towel drop to the floor. For a few minutes she looked in the mirror at her body and always seemed surprised at how all the exercising and Karate had firmed her body up over the last couple of years. She thought back how Janet had looked at her body and for a moment imagined Janet's dark hands caressing her breasts.

She closed her eyes and conjured up images of Janet's nude ebony body she had seen when they had both showered at the gym. Sue let out a soft moan as her hands slid across her breasts and then down between her legs. She felt the wetness almost seeping from her pussy. Janet's body had always interested Sue not only because it was beautiful but also, she had grown up in a rich affluent white neighbor hood and even when she went to college there weren't that many Afro-American women she had met. When Janet had told her that she was a lesbian it had fueled erotic thoughts about Janet and on more than one occasion Sue had masturbated at the thought of being in bed with Janet as a lover. Somehow she had sensed that Janet had wanted to be more on an intimate level with her but knew that she kept it at a plutonic level because she was married. Sue had never had any thoughts of going to bed with another woman until she had seen Janet nude in the showers at the gym. She sighed and cleared her thoughts of Janet and put on the robe then brushed her long blonde hair out. After she regained her composure, she walked out of the bathroom and to the table bathed in morning sunlight in front of the sliding doors to Janet's balcony. Janet smiled at Sue, Well do you at least feel a little better? Sue sat down and took a sip of her wine. You know I do feel a lot better. Thanks for inviting me over. You have a pretty nice place.

Janet saw that Sue was a little more relaxed than she had been at the gym earlier and her cheeks appeared slightly flushed. Okay Sue now that you are calmed down some what did Scott do this morning that go you so riled up? Sue picked at the salad with her fork and then let out a big sigh as the morning events came back. Once again it seemed that Scott had somehow put a damper on her emotions. She put the fork down and shoved the salad away from her. The salad looks good but I guess I'm not hungry. Janet leaned forward and spoke firmly, Look Sue you've been married almost three years to that jerk and usually couples are still trying to make out like rabbits. From our conversations over the last couple of years it seems Scott is more into his job than you, even with a hot, sexy looking body that you have he still continues to ignore you. Sue looked at Janet with a surprised look. She had never heard Janet describe her body as sexy. His job is pretty demanding and for what they pay him and the hours he works..... Sue let her voice trail off.Janet leaned back and shook her head. Okay Sue one more time, what happened this morning that got you so riled up? Usually you blow him off. Sue sighed, I guess you're not going to let it go? Well after he left I walked into the kitchen and started looking through some lingerie catalogs when I heard his cell phone ringing. I realized that he had forgotten this morning so I picked up the phone to say hello, and I hear this female voice say Scott, is that you? then next thing I know Scott is ripping the cell phone from my hand and telling this woman that he'll call back later. He then heads back out the door leaving me standing there in shock to his rudeness. I know that he has several female coworkers that he works with and the fact that there was a female voice on the other end didn't bother me; what bothered me was the way he ripped the phone from my hands!

Well anyway I ran after him and before I knew it he was heading off to work leaving me standing on the front porch madder than hell. He said we would talk about it tonight. Janet took a sip of her wine and already her first thought was that Scott was getting some extra booty at the office and liked it better than what he had at home. That does sound pretty rude. Do you think he is fooling around at work? Sue shrugged her shoulders again. I don't know, and if he was I wouldn't probably even know. Janet smiled to herself and then got up and walked over and picked up her cordless phone off of the kitchen counter and sat back down. She dialed a number and then waited for someone to pick up. I'm calling a friend that owes me a favor. I have an idea on how we can find out what your husband is up to. She paused when she heard a male voice answer, Hello. Hey Dave this is Janet, you told me if I ever needed a favor you could help me? Well, I have a friend here and we need to find out what her husband is doing at work all day. Dave let out a chuckle, So you picked up a married woman and before you screw her you want to make sure that her husband is being unfaithful? Janet Smiled at Sue then answered Dave, /Well not really, this woman is a real close friend and her husband is being a real asshole. If he is two-timing her I want to know because this woman deserves better than to be married to such an asshole. Besides, she can take care of herself. She's working on becoming a black belt. Dave let out a whistle, How do you find such tough women? Dave paused then said with a sigh, Go ahead and give me the address of his workplace and car make and license and I'll start nosing around. Thanks Dave after this I owe you.

My friend is writing the information down for me and I'll read it to you in just a few seconds. Now as part of my plan I'm going to have her claim to be leaving town for a couple of weeks to see a sick relative so if he is fooling around maybe he'll bring the piece of ass home with him." Janet watched Sue finish writing down Scott's work address and car information. She took the piece of paper and read it to Dave and then hung up the phone and looked at Sue with evil grin. Alright, where is the farthest relative you have that you could claim to visit for a couple of weeks? Sue looked at Janet with a surprised look, My mom is, but she's not sick and doesn't need me to fly home? Look I don't know about this Janet, if Scott found out I was doing this he would get mad at me. Besides Scott was probably having a bad time at work or something. Janet leaned forward and took Sue's hands in hers. Look Sue, this morning is probably just the beginning of the overbearing, dominate husband syndrome. He has you waiting at home every night so that he can come home to a cooked meal, clean laundry, clean house, and then fuck you whenever he is in the mood. If you don't do something now, in a few years you could become one of those battered wives see you on TV. Sue saw the concern in Janet's eyes and deep down inside she knew that Janet was right. She had noticed over the last year Scott was becoming more violent towards her when she didn't get things done the way he wanted and even going to the gym to workout he was getting upset about. His lovemaking was getting rougher when they did do it and he made sure he enjoyed it and didn't care about her. Okay, what do you want me to do? Janet smiled at Sue, Look don't worry, if he isn't screwing anyone then all he needs is a good yank on his chain to remind him that you have feelings and needs too. However, if he is cheating then, I can think of about a thousand ways to make him pay and that's before you get him to divorce court.

Janet took another sip of her wine and then sat back, You told me once that you're originally from Maine. Does your mom still live there? Sue smiled, Yes she moved back a few years ago after my father died to be closer with some of her friends. Awesome, he would definitely know you would be gone for a while so, this evening when Scott gets home, tell him that your mom called and is sick and needs you to fly back to take care of her for a couple of weeks. Pack some bags like you're going to be gone for a couple of weeks and make an airline reservation and say you're going to pick the ticket up at the airport. Then in the morning I'll pick you up and pretend to be taking you to the airport. Janet paused taking a sip of wine, then, my friend can start tailing him. Where am I supposed to stay while I'm visiting my sick mom? Sue asked in a curious tone.You can stay here and sleep on my couch if you're not comfortable sleeping in the same bed with me. Janet said confidently. Listen Sue, it's going to work. Sue took another sip of her wine and thought for a moment and then said, Okay, let's do it. Janet smiled, You won't regret this and besides if he gets mad at you just kick his butt with the Karate you know. Both women laughed and then settled down to eat their salads and chitchat like they normally did. That evening Sue sat on the couch waiting for Scott to come home. She glanced at her watch and noting that the time was almost 9:00 PM. Where was Scott? He usually called when he was going to be late like this. She picked up the TV remote and flipped through the channels seeing that there was nothing to watch, turned the TV off. She went upstairs and took off the sexy dress she had been wearing.

She had thought maybe Scott was under pressure at work and this morning's incident had been the result of it and maybe he needed some hot sex to get him to relax. Of course, as Janet hung up the outfit then put on her normal at home clothes a white terry cloth robe with only a red thong on underneath it, she realized that it was just a pipedream and Janet was right about Scott. She walked back downstairs where she cleared the table of dishes and threw out the now cold supper. Sue was placing the last of the dishes in the dishwasher when the phone rang. She hurried over and picked it up. Scott? No, this is Janet and I was calling to see if you had talked to Scott yet. Janet said in a surprised tone. Let me guess, he isn't home yet? No not yet. Sue said with a sigh.Is he usually this late? Janet asked in a surprised tone. Sue sat down on the floor and crossed her legs. "Sometimes when he has an important project he has to work extra late but he at least calls me to let me now.What are you going to do if he is really late? Janet said.Sue leaned her head back against the wall, Look, when he is this late I usually leave him a note on the table, then I go to bed. I might be lucky to see him the next morning. What an asshole! He definitely has issues Sue that you need to address. How long has this been going on? Janet said in an angry tone.This has been going on for the last five months. When I ask him all he says is that its business and I wouldn't understand it. Sue said with a long sigh. She was trying to remain calm and not get upset. Just then she heard Scott's car pull up in the driveway. Hey Janet, he just pulled up. I'll talk to you in the morning when you pick me up. I'm telling him I booked a flight that leaves around nine tomorrow. Look girl, be careful okay and if you need me before tomorrow morning call me and I'll be there. Janet said in a concerned tone. She hung up fighting the urge to run over to Sue's house. Sue hung up then walked to the living room waiting for Scott to come in the house. She was nervous but Janet was right, it was time to make Scott aware she had needs. Scott came barreling into the house and before she could speak he went into the den where he turned on his computer. Sue felt the rage that she had felt this morning boiling up in her. She stormed in after Scott.

Hey what's the matter? Can't you at least say hello! Sue I don't have time to talk right now. I'm supposed to fly out in the morning for a week long conference and I need to get some notes together before I leave! Scott said angrily while signing into his computer.Sue took a deep breath and said, Well my mom called to say she was sick and needs me to fly back to Maine and sit with her for a couple of weeks. I've packed my bags and Janet, my friend from the gym is picking me up in the morning to take me to the airport. Scott stopped typing, What you mean you're going to go home to your mother's place in Maine? I'm busting my ass here to pay for this house and the other things that you do while you sit at home on your ass and now you need to fly across the country to take care of your mother.

First off I need the luggage for my conference so you're going to have to tell your mom that you're not coming and second, it cost to damn much!" Scott resumed his typing at the computer. Sue finally had her fill of her husband's idiotic behavior. I'm sorry Scott but I AM going and that's that so I'm going to bed now and you can get up yourself in the morning and get ready by your self because I've had it up to here with your rudeness! Sue turned to leave the den when she felt something heavy hit her in the back, knocking her down as well as her wind. Before she could react Scott was on top of her back pinning her to the floor. His weight was more than she could handle.Listen Sue, I don't know what's gotten into you but what I expect from MY wife to do is stay at home, keep it clean, and make me happy! You're MY wife and by god you're going to listen and obey me! Scott said viciously. He reached down and pulled up her robe exposing her thong-covered ass. He slapped her bottom as hard as he could which left a red handprint on her ass. Sue let out a loud yell as the pain of the swatting burned.Sue felt Scott rip off her thong and then slap her bare bottom a few more times. She felt the tears come to her eyes as he slapped her bottom. The stinging of the swats seemed to grow more and more with each swat. She felt herself losing her desire to fight back and instead cried as Scot continued to rain her ass with spankings.

Scott felt Sue's ability to fight back ebbing he reached for Sue's robe belt and then pull Sue's hands viciously over her head and tied them to the leg of his heavy oak desk. He then stood up and pulled his pants off exposing a raging erection. "You will do what I tell you to do because that is what you're supposed to do!" He slapped her ass a few more times with the sound echoing through the den. He then reached into his briefcase and pulled out two pieces of rope. He tied each leg to some other heavy furniture so that she was spread-eagled on her stomach on the floor and couldn't move. He knew she knew some karate but wasn't going to give her a chance to use it.Now I'm going to fuck MY WIFE in her ass, because you been nothing but a pain in my ass for the last couple of years! You stay at home all day while I work my ass off to pay for your gym membership where flash your body for all those guys stare at.! He put a pillow under her stomach, which caused Sue's ass to rise up. He walked out of the den naked from the waist down with his hard-on sticking out and came back into the den with a tube of KY Jelly and poured a large amount over her ass and then began working it into her anus with his finger. Now I'm going to fuck you in that lazy ass of yours! Sue became terrified as she felt Scott's finger enter her ass. Please Scott, it's going to hurt. Sue whimpered as the thought of what Scott was going to do. Please Scott! Scott had an evil grin as he lined the head of his cock at Sue's virgin ass. Bitch, I'm going to put you in your place for good. After tonight you'll quit going to the gym and Karate. You will stay home and be a good wife and I even have another woman at work that I'm going have her fuck you as well and you're going to let her. Sue stopped struggling for moment and realized that he had been having an affair with another woman and now she wanted to get free and kick Scott's ass. You asshole, is it the woman that called this morning! Now anger had replaced her fear but before she could say anymore she felt Scott force his cock in her ass. She let out a scream as the pain burned through her ass and all she wanted now was the pain to stop. Tears were streaming down her cheeks as he thrust repeatedly into her. Sue felt like her entire bottom was on fire from the pain. She screamed and then felt Scott slapping her ass telling her to shut up.

She was crying as Scott ravaged her ass for what seemed an eternity. She finally blacked out from all the pain.Scott felt Sue go limp. He pulled his still hard cock out of Sue's still body and then finished jacking off letting his sperm rain all over her nude body. He smiled and couldn't wait to get his secretary to come over and fuck his wife. He could video tape it and sell the video on the Internet. He had been blackmailing his secretary the last two years and he had used her for his own pleasure as well as some clients, not to mention the money had made selling the videos of his secretary. Sue had been so naïve to what had been going at work but now it was time to make sure that she understood where her place was in his life. She was to serve him and who ever he decided she needed to serve. He picked up her lifeless body and took it upstairs to the spare bedroom where she was going to be tied while he was gone for the next few days. He was already formulating a plan so when her mother called he could say that she had changed her mind and was not coming, as for the black bitch from the gym, he could get rid of her easily in the morning. Janet looked at her watch for the millionth time to check it. In a few minutes she would leave to pick up Sue for her imaginary trip to Maine, Janet had a feeling that something was wrong. She grabbed her keys and headed over to Sue's. Sue woke up in a foggy state and couldn't move. She opened her eyes and saw that she was in the spare bedroom spread-eagled face down tied up with a towel wrapped around her mouth acting like a gag. She felt the dried sperm on her back and the sticky feeling of KY Jelly on her ass. To make matters worse her ass was hurting from the beating and rape of it by Scott.

She tried moving but found that she was tightly bound and no matter how hard she tried to get free the ropes seemed to get tighter. She stopped struggling and let her body relax while she tried to think of a way to get loose and out of the house. After last night there was going to be no way Scott would ever let her leave the house alone.Janet called Sue's house as she drove over and heard Scott pick up the phone. Good morning Scott, this is Janet. I don't know whether Sue had told you last night but I'm giving her a ride to the airport this morning. Janet I'm sorry but Sue left on a red eye flight to Maine because her Mom I guess got worse and they wanted Sue there as soon as possible. Scott said in an apologetic tone. She was in a hurry I guess and didn't want to wake you up. Janet heard the alarms go off in her head. Scott must really think that Sue's mom was ill. Okay Scott, I guess she won't need a ride. How about letting her know that if she needs a ride when she gets back have her call me. Janet said playing along with Scott. Scott smiled as Janet accepted the story. I'll do that Janet. He then hung up the phone. Glancing at his watch he saw that he was running late for work. He walked into the master bedroom and pulled out a suit and began putting on the pants. He already had planned out how he was going to make his wife a submissive over the next few weeks with the help of his secretary who was already a submissive to him thanks to his blackmailing her. He had been working on his wife for the last year and a half to make her feel like she couldn't please him and she was worthless. When he got back from his conference he would put in to motion the plans on how he was going to make her his submissive wife.

She had to learn what she was supposed to do as his wife and there were a few of the guys at the office that had done the same thing to their wives and he got to see how good they had it. He had even got to fuck their wives! Scott grabbed his briefcase, suit jacket and walked into the spare bedroom where his wife lay. He set down his stuff and became aroused at her nude body bound to the bed. He wanted to fuck her in the ass in again but didn't have the time so he settled for slapping her ass as hard as he could. Now I'm going to my conference bitch and I'll be gone for a week. During that time you can lay here tied up thinking how wise it might be to just give in. I'll send someone over to check on you once a day and that doesn't mean getting untied when they come over, because I know that you know enough karate to be dangerous so, you can stay tied up the whole time. When I get home in a week we are going to begin your submissive training and there are a couple of the guys at the office that are willing to help with your training. Oh and by the way, your friend Janet called this morning and I told her that you had already left to see your mom and didn't need a ride to the airport. Scott slapped Sue's ass one more time and walked out of the bedroom laughing.Sue had tears streaming down her face as stinging began to subside on her already sore ass but the worse of it was that she had to go to the bathroom badly and couldn't hold it much longer. Sue put her face down in the mattress and cried. Scott had her at his mercy and could do anything that he wanted to do to her whenever he wanted to. Sue hoped that Janet was on her way over to the house because if Scott had told her a lie then Janet would know that something was wrong. Janet parked a few blocks from Sue's house then sat in her car for a few minutes to give Scott time to leave the house for work. She got out of her car and walked past Sue's house to make sure that Scott had really left then waited another twenty minutes around the corner of the block to make sure and see if there were signs of anyone in the house and then headed to the back door of Sue's house remembering that Sue always kept a spare key hidden by it. Janet quietly slipped around to the back door and knocked loud enough to be heard inside.

She waited for Sue to come to the door but heard no response. Janet felt behind the flower box by the door and grabbed the spare key. Quickly Janet slipped the key in the lock and turned the door handle slowly.Slipping inside she quietly shut the door carefully then looked around the kitchen seeing the normal clean kitchen. Janet headed for the living room looking for Sue. The house was unusually quiet and every noise seemed to be magnified as Janet walked into the living room. Janet couldn't see anything out of the normal except that Sue was nowhere to be found. She walked in to the den where she saw Sue's white terry cloth robe as well as a torn pair of thong panties. Janet looked around becoming even more worried now about Sue and wonder if she should call the police right now. Had Scott gotten carried away and hurt her or even killed her?Janet felt the fear rising in her stomach and kept her body in the defensive position that she had learned at karate just in case there was someone else in the house. Slowly exiting the den Janet moved upstairs towards the master bedroom where her scared mind was already beginning to conjure up several scenes of what she might find.Janet pushed the door open a little wider to peek in expecting to see a body but saw no one there. The bed was unmade and clothes were scattered around along with a damp towel. Janet's mind began to go crazy with what might have happened to Sue and wished that she had made Sue leave before Scott had gotten home last night. Janet looked down the hall and saw that the door to the spare bedroom was closed. Maybe Sue had made it to the spare bedroom and locked the door. She stepped quietly to the spare bedroom door and reached for the door handle then slowly turned the handle finding it unlocked. Pushing it open what she saw turned her stomach; there was Sue laying face down tied spread-eagled to the bed nude with the smell of urine coming from the bed. She wanted to cry out Sue's name but she was afraid that Sue was dead. She walked into the room and slowly approached Sue's body and gently touched Sue's leg. Sue? Are you alive? Janet asked in a quiet voice.

Sue raised her head at the sound of Janet's voice. She managed a weak noise that came from her gagged mouth and then put her head back down feeling relieved that Janet had showed up. Janet quickly started untying Sue. Hey girl it's alright I'm here to get you out of here. Can you get up? Sue pulled the gag off with one of her hands and said in a tired voice, Look just get me up on my feet and a robe and I can get out of here. Janet took off the last rope holding Sue's leg down, Alright I'll get you a robe out of your closet along with a change of clothes. Look, just get me a robe and don't worry about the clothes. In the closet over there I stuck an overnight bag with some clothes and my toiletries in it. For some strange reason instead of putting it with the rest of my suitcases I stuck in there. It's a good thing because I think that Scott might have thrown out all of my clothes out. Sue said sitting up trying to get some circulation going in her arms and legs as well as trying to avoid sitting directly on her bottom.Janet started to say something but Sue held up her hand. Look right now I want to get out of this house and take a long hot shower. I hurt all over and smell like an outhouse just get a robe out of the other bedroom and I don't want to talk right now about what happened, okay? Janet understood and jogged quickly into the master bedroom and looked inside the closet and realized that Sue was right Scott had gotten rid of all of her clothes. She looked around and couldn't find a robe so she grabbed a blanket that was folded up on the floor of the closet and went back to Sue. You were right that bastard threw all of your clothes out so I grabbed this blanket. I'm parked a few blocks away, do you want to walk with me or wait for me to come back with my car? Sue almost decided to walk but then she realized that her legs were still numb from being tied up and that last thing she wanted was to have one of the neighbors become curious as to why she was walking naked with only a blanket to wear. Why don't you get your car and pull into the driveway. I don't think Scott is going to be back any time soon.

He is supposed to be flying out for a conference for the next few days. Sue said in a tired voice and grimacing as her body ached from the brutal attack. Besides I don't think I could walk it. A few minutes later Sue was being helped into Janet's car with only a blanket to wear and then Janet headed to her apartment where Sue could relax and maybe let her know what happened.Janet helped Sue in to her apartment and directly to the bathroom. She sat Sue down on the toilet and turned the shower on and adjusted the water then she began stripping off her clothes. Sue was surprised by Janet's stripping. What are you doing? Look your still to shaky on those legs and the last the thing I need is to have you collapse in the shower and hurt yourself. I'm going to jump in the shower with you and help clean you up and make sure you don't fall. Janet took the blanket off of Sue and walked out of the bathroom and tossed it on her balcony until she could wash it or better yet throw it away.Janet came back in to the bathroom carrying Sue's bag with her shampoo and conditioner as well as her other items. Janet then took Sue's arm and pulled her up. Now, let's get you into that shower and in no time you'll be feeling better.Sue stood up and was amazed at how well Janet's body was formed. Her muscle tone was beautiful and she seemed to move like a black panther. Her breasts were medium sized firm and her nipples were sticking out. Sue had seen Janet's body in the showers at the gym but not this close and she wanted to reach out and touch it. She found herself forgetting about last night instead she was focusing on Janet's body and enjoying Janet's firm hands leading her into the shower.

Janet was excited at the thought of sharing a shower with Sue. She had had a secret crush on the blonde ever since they met and now here she was going to take a shower with Sue. She calmed herself down and realized that Sue was vulnerable right now and even thought Janet wanted to seduce Sue she also wanted to make sure that Sue was willing. Okay girl, step under that water and let's wash that hair of yours first. Sue stepped under the hot water and let out a sigh as it washed over her sore body. She felt as if the water was washing away any remnants of last night away. Sue felt Janet's firm hands going through her blonde hair making sure it was wet. She opened her eyes and turned her head to see Janet reach over and get Sue's shampoo. Sue was becoming aroused standing this close to Janet's ebony body and feeling Janet's firm hands begin to wash her hair. For the last couple of years Sue had been keeping her desires for Janet hidden away inside of her but she was beginning to let those desires come slipping out of her and if Janet stayed any longer she knew that she would give in to those desires. Look I can wash myself.. Janet stopped Sue as she poured some shampoo into her hands, Look Sue, just relax and enjoy it, okay? I'm not going to try any moves on you. I really don't want you to fall. Janet then reached up and began lathering the shampoo into Sue's hair. Janet worked it in slowly making sure not to pull Sue's hair.Sue let out a sigh as Janet's firm hands worked the shampoo in to her hair. She put her arms out in front of her leaning on the wall for support and tilted her head back towards Janet.Janet noticed that Sue's bottom had bruises on it. So, what happened last night? Do you want to talk about it? Sue let out a sigh and said, Well the condensed version is that he jumped me last night, slapped my bottom until it hurt really bad and then raped in my ass as well. This morning before he left he came in slapped my ass some more for a few minutes until it was stinging and told me that it was to bad he had to go to work or he would have fucked my ass again. He was planning to leave me tied up all week until he got back from a conference. Janet let out a soft whistle. Wow! What a jerk! Well, he also told me that he had been screwing his secretary for over two years and next weekend he was going to bring her over and all three of us were going to do my submissive training. Sue said with disgust in her voice. So that I could be the wife that stays at home and waits for him to come home and do whatever he wants me to do which included servicing other people. Janet felt her anger boiling up inside of her. Scott had no right to be that mean to Sue and obviously was going to need to be taught a lesson. Okay Sue, let's rinse out the shampoo and I'll put some conditioner in your hair. While Janet rinsed Sue's hair, Sue spoke up, You were right about him cheating on me and becoming abusive. I just can't believe that he changed in to that type of guy. Sue felt the tears forming her eyes. He was so nice to me after we got married and I thought he was a real Prince. Janet finished putting conditioner in Sue's hair. Look it sounds like he had everyone fooled and that's they way his type works. Makes everything look like everything is normal on the surface but, underneath they're waiting to be real assholes. We'll get even with him but, for right now I want you to forget about the asshole and let's finish washing you up. I have the perfect solution to help you relax. Janet finished with the conditioner and had Janet rinse again.What would that be? Sue asked while regaining her composure. First, I'm going to wash you up and then while you're rinsing off, I'm going to get the bedroom ready to give you a full body massage. After all that you and I can have a glass wine. Janet said grabbing the bar of soap and lathering it up in her hands. Sue didn't know what to say for a moment but then said Okay I guess that sounds good. Trust me girl, when I get done giving you that massage you are going to feel relaxed and you will have forgotten all about that asshole of a husband. Janet said as she began applying the soap to Sue's back. She worked her hands up and over Sue's shoulders stopping short of her breasts. Janet brought her hands down Sue's back until she finished at Sue's ass soaping it up with slow deliberate caressing.Sue let out a sigh as she felt Janet's firm hands working down her back and over her ass. Her hands felt gentler but yet firmer than Scott's and it felt nice. She inadvertently pushed her ass towards Janet's hands. Janet felt Sue push her ass towards her and sensed that Sue was ready to be seduced. Janet slowly squatted down and let her hands move slowly down Sue's long, muscular legs. She heard Sue let out a soft moan and she worked the soap up down Sue's legs. Janet could feel herself becoming aroused at the thought of finally getting Sue in to bed and a chance to taste her. She stood up slowly letting her hands lather as well as caress Sue's legs, then over Sue's smooth, firm ass, and then up her back. She heard Sue let out a moan and press her body into hers.

Sue was in heaven as she felt Janet's hands caressing her body. It was so different from the hard hands and rough sex from Scott. Janet was playing her body like a concert violinist played a violin. Sue wanted more and she was ready.Janet leaned her body against Sue's body and reached around to lather up Sue's breasts. She already could feel the hard nipples that were standing out. After a few minutes Janet let her hand stray down between Sue's legs and began to soap it up.Sue let out a load moan and leaned back into Janet more. Oh god Janet, your hands feel so good. Janet smiled and stood there while the warm water washed over their bodies. Sue, I want to make love to you like you've never been made love to before. Janet, I'm all yours. Sue let out in a moan.Janet gave Sue a small kiss on her neck and then turned Sue around to face her. Okay girl, I want you to finish rinsing off while I go get the bedroom ready but before I go I want to do this. Janet wrapped her arms around Sue and pulled her close letting their nude bodies rub against each other. Janet kissed Sue passionately letting her tongue snake its way into Sue's mouth. She felt Sue tighten her grip and moan loudly. Janet broke the kiss and then stepped out of the shower to dry off. She was on fire from the shower and had wanted to take Sue right there. The whole moment seemed like a dream and had to pinch herself to realize that it was happening for real. Janet walked in to the bedroom and pulled the covers back and made sure the curtains were closed. She put on some soft jazz and wished that she had time to put some candles out but she would do that at another time. Walking over to her dresser she reached in for her bag of toys that she used when she really wanted to send a woman off the deep end of ecstasy. She set the bag down near the bed and looked around. She put her hands on her hips and realized that this would have to do, later she could get really romantic with Sue. Right now she just wanted Sue.

Sue hadn't felt so sexy in a long time and the feeling of Janet's hands caressing her body had ignited passions that had been keeping suppressed and she was on fire sexually from the kiss and feeling Janet's body against hers. She let her hands caress her breasts and then worked them lower as she remembered the feeling of Janet's hands. Letting her hands slide between her legs she began rubbing her pussy while letting her fingers slide into her soaked pussy. Sue's lost control of her sexually desires as the passions of desire burned out of control. Stepping out from under the water and leaning against the shower wall she let the thought of Janet's naked ebony body fuel her erotic fire and she could feel the orgasm beginning to build. She pumped her fingers faster and let out a loud moan. Oh God! Sue almost screamed as the orgasm hit her. She felt her legs become rubber and then feeling herself sliding down to the floor of the shower. She was breathing hard as she sat on the floor, trying to regain her composure. Janet stood at the door to the shower looking at the crumpled Sue on the floor. She had caught Sue as she finger fucked herself to an orgasm. It had been a very beautiful sight and had aroused her. "Come on girl, let's go to bed and let me take you to the moon." Janet leaned over and helped Sue stand up and then step out of the shower. Janet dried Sue off then led her into the bedroom where she helped Sue lay down on the bed.Sue had recovered from her orgasm in the shower and looked at Janet's sexy body. Janet I want you to make love to me. Show me how another woman can please another one. Janet slid on to the bed next to Sue and started kissing her softly on the lips. It was taking all of Janet's self control to keep from gobbling Sue up. She wanted this to be special for Sue as well as enjoying every minute of it. She let her hands slide over Sue's breasts and hard nipples. Girl, I would be honored to show you how another woman can please that sexy bodies of yours. Janet whispered sexily.

Sue was becoming aroused again as she felt Janet's soft lips kissing hers as well as Janet's hands caressing her breasts. She arched her breasts in to Janet's hands, then let her arms wrap around Janet's body and pulled her closer. The feeling of Janet's hard firm body pressed against her was arousing Sue even more. Janet slid on top of Sue and began kissing more passionately and grinding her pussy against Sue's. The musky smell of sex was in the air as the two women rubbed against each other letting their bodies absorb the erotic sensation that seemed to be passing between them. Janet broke the kiss and propped herself up using her strong arms. She saw the flushed look on Sue's face and heard her heavy breathing. I've always wanted you from the first day we met and if this is a dream don't you dare wake me up. Janet lowered her head and began kissing softly down Sue's neck and towards her breasts. She paused and let her tongue circle Sue's nipples.Sue was in heaven as she felt Janet's tongue swirl around her nipples. Oh god Janet! I want you to ravish me! She let her hands rub Janet's smooth back and marveled at how erotic it felt caressing another woman's body.Janet slid further down towards Sue's wet pussy. She could feel the wetness seeping from Sue as well as the aroma. She lightly kissed around Sue's bellybutton alternated with her tongue taking small licks. Soon Janet was down at Sue's wet pussy and she spread the lips apart and marveled at the wetness. Janet let here tongue circle Sue's pussy and then bury itself inside of it. Janet let her hands cup Sue's ass while she assaulted Sue's pussy. Sue felt Janet's face bury itself between her legs and she let out a loud moan. Sue felt Janet's tongue to begin lapping at her clit and around the edges of her pussy. She could feel the orgasm building up and put her hands on Janet's head and pushed it into her pussy. Don't stop! Keep licking! Janet sucked up the juices that seemed to be pouring from Sue. She had never experienced a woman getting this wet before, which made her even hotter. She licked up the juices and buried her tongue as deep as she could inside of Sue.Sue had the orgasm slam into her body like a freight train. She arched her back and let out a scream. She had never experienced an orgasm like this. She locked her legs around Janet's head and her hands grabbed the sheets.Janet felt Sue's legs lock around her head holding it in place over Sue's pussy. She greedily licked and sucked up the wet juices. Finally after about a minute she felt Sue loosen her legs around her head. Janet lifted her head up and looked at Sue's face to see her staring wide-eyed and flushed in the face. Sue was panting trying to get her breathing back. Janet slid up next to Sue pulled her into her arms. Janet kissed Sue Softly on the lips and felt Sue's heart still beating. I would say that you enjoyed that girl. Janet whispered into Sue's ear. Sue took a deep breath to slow down her breathing and regain her composure. She had never experienced an orgasm of that magnitude. I don't know what happen but when you began to wash me in the shower I became so aroused and then going to bed here and continuing feeling your body against mine..... God! That was heaven! Sue let out with a soft sigh.Janet smiled and pulled Sue closer. Girl I have been craving your body from the very first day we met and before I go any further I want you to know that I hope I didn't take advantage of the situation. Sue rolled over to face Janet, Listen after what Scott did to me last night I don't think that there is any man alive on this planet that I'll let touch me again.

However, ever since you told me that you were a lesbian I've had a secret crush on you. I've secretly wanted to know what it would be like to touch that beautiful body of yours and now I'm getting the chance. Sue leaned over kissed Janet on the lips, tasting her own juices on Janet's lips. Sue then rolled on top of Janet and pushed herself up using her arms and looked down at Janet's ebony body glistening with sweat. Now that you've had a taste of me, I want to taste you now. With that Sue leaned down and began making small kisses on Janet's neck and then sliding down to her firm breasts. Sue remembered how it felt when Janet had made love to her so, she let her tongue swirl around Janet's nipples while her hands caressed Janet's firm breasts. She felt Janet arch her back and let out a soft moan. Sue spent a few minutes loving Janet's breasts, enjoying the feeling and the taste of them. Sue then slid further down to Janet's flat stomach and let her tongue swirl in Janet's belly button. Already she could smell Janet's wet pussy and the aroma aroused Sue to where she desperately wanted to bury her face in it and devour it but, she wanted to give Janet as much pleasure that Janet had given her. So, she slid down and for a moment took a long whiff of the aroma and then let her tongue circle around the edges of Janet's pussy. Janet was on fire as she felt Sue slide down her body. Are you sure you've never slept with another woman before? Janet panted.Sue looked up from between Janet's long legs and whispered sexily, Janet, you are the first women I've ever had sex with and I want to give you the pleasure you gave me. Sue went back down and then started making small kisses down Janet's long, muscular legs. She wanted to feel and taste every inch of Janet's body before she made her come. Janet saw that Sue went past her soaked pussy and moving slowly down her legs. Janet let out a loud moan as the sensation of Sue's lips working down her legs was something that she had never experienced before. There were many times she had done it to other lovers but had never had one do it to her. It was driving her crazy sexually.Sue ended at Janet's feet kissing the toes and sucking on each one. She heard Janet's breathing getting faster. Okay lover, I want you to roll over so that I can kiss and feel that firm ass of yours. Sue was becoming an animal as she devoured more of Janet's firm body. Janet let out a groan and knew that her orgasm was building up within her. She rolled over and exposing her ass to Sue. Sue you are driving me crazy. Make me come! Sue smiled as she saw Janet's ass laying there. She began kissing up Janet's legs and then stopping at her ass. Sue let her hands caress the firm ass that she had wanted to touch ever since Janet had told her she was a lesbian. She leaned over and let her tongue make small circles on Janet's ass cheeks while her hands continued to caress them softly. She felt Janet push her ass towards Sue and let out a loud moan.Janet couldn't believe that Sue was doing what she was doing. Sue acted like she had made love to other women before and knew what turned them on.

Oh god Sue, that feels so good. Sue smiled to herself as she heard Janet's reaction and for a few more minutes she made gently love to Janet's firm ass. Sue could smell Janet's pussy and saw that it was almost like a water faucet turned on, soaking Janet's inner thighs. Sue could no longer wait. With her hands Sue helped Janet roll over on to her back. Sue then buried her face between Janet's legs taking in the aroma and lapping up the wetness. Janet watched as Sue buried her face in her wet pussy. It was enough that as soon as she felt Sue's tongue lapping at her pussy she exploded with an orgasm she had never experienced before. Oh Sue I'm commminnggggg! Sue felt Janet's orgasm hit and that seemed to release more of Janet's juices. Sue lapped up as much of the juices as she could while smearing the juices all over face. Sue continued to lick as Janet locked her strong thighs around Sue's head.Just as the first orgasm began to subside, Janet felt another one hit her. Oh god Sue! Your making me come again! Janet grabbed the sheets with her hands as the second orgasm slammed her. Oh god girl, you are hot! Sue finished licking up the juices around Janet's pussy and then slid up next to Janet and kissed her softly on the lips. Well, do you think I did okay my first time? Sue said in a whisper.Janet looked at Sue while her breathing was beginning to return to normal. Sue, I've never felt so satisfied by another woman before. I want you to know that you're welcome to stay here as long as you want and that you will always have open arms here for you. Sue looked at Janet, You sound as if I'm going to leave you. Well this business with Scott is going to get a little heavy and if you need to get away from him for a while then I understand. Janet said softly trying to avoid looking into Sue's eyes.Sue looked at Janet and realized what she meant. Look Janet, you gave me the courage to stand up to Scott and if you don't mind I want to stay. I've found someone that loves for me the person as well as my body. Janet felt tears forming in her eyes as she heard Sue talk. She had fallen in love with Sue from the very first time they had met and now she was getting a chance to show her love. Sue, you can stay forever if you like. I promise that together we'll teach Scott a lesson. Janet pulled Sue close and kissed her.Both women snuggled together enjoying each other while Janet was already forming a plan to get even with Scott.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Day My Uptown Girl Went Kinky On Me

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, we had just taken a stroll through Central Park, and were now headed to our favorite Cafe. But today, my Uptown Girl had a most peculiar, and devious look in her eyes. I leaned over from my latte and told her that her eyes seemed to be thinking about something.She replied, "yes, you are right as usual. I'm trying to remember if there is a hardware store somewhere around here."I said, "there is a hardware store about 15 blocks away."She gasped, "15 blocks. Are you sure there is nothing closer?"I laughed and said, "as the Uptown rents keep climbing, the hardware stores just keep getting further and further away."
She said, "15 blocks. After that I will reward myself with something high in calories."We finished our latte and headed to the hardware store.I asked, "what do you need to buy?"

She replied, "clothes line and a very sharp pair of scissors."When we got to the hardware store, she found the clothes line and scissors, and I went to hand her a pulley with that.She said, "oh, why would I need a pulley?"I put the pulley back and thought to myself, "how strange that someone would buy a clothes line without a pulley. But then again, she's from Uptown and maybe they don't use pulleys."Something didn't quite fit. She had a very good dryer, so I just couldn't figure why she would need a clothes line. But I was starting to tire from the walk and the partying the night before.I just felt like taking a little knap. We got back to her apartment and had a few glasses of wine while listening to some soothing tapes. I felt very tranquil and started to close my eyes.She said, "you look tired. Come and lay down on the bed."
I asked, "do you mind?"She said, "no, no problem. I'm tired to. I will join you in a while. I just have something to do first."I noticed she had the windows wide open again, so, I took everything off but my shorts and pulled the covers over me.

Just as I started to dose I felt her hand shake me. She said, "take these two vitamins and when you wake up you'll feel better."I said honey, "you know I never take vitamins."She said. "do it for me."She handed me a class of water and placed the pills in my mouth.I said "okay. Just for you."I fell into a deep sound sleep and didn't awaken again, until I felt the cold night air blowing on my chest.I thought, "she must have knocked the covers off me, as she had so many times before."I went to reach for the covers, but my hands could not move.
I opened my eyes, and found that my arms and legs were tied to the bed posts. I looked over and noticed her sound asleep beside me. I called her name and she started to wake.

She asked, "why are you waking me?"I replied. "why I'm all tied up?"She laughed and said, "oh that."I said, "yes, oh that."She replied, "you weren't supposed to wake up yet. Karen said those sleeping pills would knock you out for the whole night."I said, "sleeping pills. I thought they were vitamins."She laughed and said, "vitamins to make you sleep so I could tie you up and then do naughty things to you."I said, "I woke up because I was freezing from all that cold air coming through the open window. And what naughty things are you planning to do to me?"She threw the cover over me, and said, "go back to sleep. You'll find out in the morning how naughty I will be."I went back to sleep and I didn't wake up again until I heard the sound of an electric razor.

I opened my eyes and saw her standing over me with the electric razor. I asked, "why am I tied up? And what are you doing with that electric razor?"She laughed, and said, "this is all part of the surprise I've been planning for you."I laughed and said, "you mean, you really didn't buy that rope for a clothes line."She laughed, and said, "oh, you're so perceptive."Then she smiled and said. "you're always pleasuring me. I just wanted you to have 100% pleasure for a change, and I knew if you weren't tied up, you wouldn't let me go all the way through with my plans."
I laughed, and said, "plans, what do you mean plans?"She licked her lips seductively and said, "I've been thinking about this all week." I wanted to do something special for you for Valentines Day. Then I thought, I would do something that you would never do for yourself."

I said, "so you tied me up with the clothes line. Thats my Valentines Day surprise. I get it now, thats what you were whispering about to Karen on the telephone, and silly me, I just thought it was girl talk. So what other surprises did you and Karen plot together for me?"She laughed and said, "you have no idea what sort of surprises I have in store for you."Then she came toward me with the electric razor. I said, "let me guess. You want to give me a haircut for a surprise."She said, "a haircut yes. But not the kind of haircut that you would ever want."Then she pointed the electric razor at my chest. I asked. "why are you pointing the electric razor at my chest?"

She said, "I'm going to do something I know you would never do."
I asked, "whats that?"She said. "I'm going to shave your chest."I said, "oh no your not," confident that I could break free of the rope.But I was tied more tighly than I had imagined. I couldn't even budge. I asked. "how did you know how to tie a rope so good?"She smiled and said, "I once was a girl scout."Then I said, "well, will you be a nice girl scout and kindly untie me now?"She laughed and said, "no way," as she moved the electric razor closer to my chest.I said honey, "wait. Just wait. Let me explain this to you. Only weight lifters shave their chests."But as I pleaded I felt the electric razor moving up my stomach. I pulled at the rope to get free, but it was futile.I said, "please, don't." But the electric razor continued to run up my stomach.

Then I asked, "at least don't shave any further than my stomach.She just laughed and said, "see, this is why I had to tie you up."As I pulled again at the rope, she moved the electric razor up to my chest.As I said, "no honey not my chest," I could feel the electric razor now advance up my chest.She kept mowing up and down my chest with the electric razor until every last hair was gone. She then brushed the hair off with a damp towel. She smiled as if she had just won a prize and reached for a can of whip cream, and started to shake it with vigor.I asked, "now, what are you going to do with that whip cream."But she wouldn't answer and just kept shaking the can. She pointed the can at my now hairless chest and sprayed the whip cream all over me, and started rubing it all up and down my chest with her hands. She then climbed over me and started licking all the whip cream up with her tongue.

I was surprised, but with my newly mowed chest, I felt a tremendous arousal with each tongue stroke.I told her, "I have to admit it. I'm feeling a nice sensation."She said, "I've just barely started yet."And then she moved her tongue deep inside my mouth, as I felt her hands running up and down my chest.I told her that everything was great now and said, "lets call it a day."She said, "I'm not finished yet," as her tongue now moved to my ear.First, she tongued and blew in one ear and then the other ear. Then she got up and pulled something out of her night table draw. It was the extra sharp scissor, she had bought at the hardware store.

I said. "good. You're going to cut the rope off me at last."She smiled and said, "I'm going to cut something off, but not the rope."I said, "oh come on honey. Enough already."She laughed and said, "not yet."I said, "okay. What did you and Karen plan to do with the scissor when this plot was hatched?"She said, "the plan. Sorry, but I have to cut your shorts off."I said, "you're going to ruin a perfectly good pair of shorts."She said, "I don't want to untie you yet. And cutting your shorts off is the only other way I can give you your surprise."

As I started to say, "you are kidding right,?" she moved the scissors up the side of my shorts, and cut them away, and then slid them off me.Then she pointed the can of whip cream, where the shorts had just been and sprayed.I yelled, "oh honey. that feels cold."She smiled and said, "you won't feel cold there for long."Then she started to lick up all the whip cream with her tongue. She licked and licked and while she licked her hands were running all up and down my waist and thighs. My body started to shake with excitement, but the rope kept a firm grip on me.

Then with every inch of my body tingling, she climbed on top of me. It was Rocket Ships and the Forth Of July fireworks.She asked, "did you enjoy your surprise honey?"As she untied me, I replied. "Oh yes, I enjoyed my surprise. Oh, did I ever enjoy my surprise."from

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

back to school

“Back to school, honey. Just think, a week away. A campus that has four-star accomodations, more like a hotel than a school, really.”He was selling this too much. Obviously, there was more here than met the eye.
“What exactly am I going to study?”"Weelll, it’s not so much what you’re going to study, as what you’re going to be taught. This is a disciplined curriculum, so to speak.”“You’re stalling.”“Ok. Here’s the truth. This school is a school of discipline. You’ll be taught the proper ways to be spanked, the right way to address your Master, all the good stuff.”“But I like the way you spank me now, Master.”“That’s a very good response, but it won’t work. I’m going with you, but only as an observer, not a participant.

That way I get to see your response to different methods, different spanking devices, and which ones turn you on the most. The more I learn, the better you’ll feel.”“But Master, won’t it bother you to see other people spanking my ass, my tits and my pussy? Watch while a sexy schoolmistress turns my cheeks red, or a headmaster forces me over his knee and spanks my ass until I promise to suck his cock?“Slave, I would love to watch that. Think how much I’ll have to punish you when we get home.”“Your wish is my command, Master.”Later, having set up their stay, they drove to the school, and checked in. After a brief stroll around the grounds, they met the HeadMaster at their scheduled appointment.Older, but still handsome, almost like Harrison Ford’s older brother, the HeadMaster welcomed them and talked briefly of the history of the school.“Well, enough history. Let’s get to the business at hand. Leslie, are you fully prepared to begin your lessons?”“Yes, HeadMaster.”“Very good. Would you please stand and come over here, please?”

Walking toward a wooden contraption, he turned and waited while Leslie stood and walked hesitantly toward this device. It looked like a chair without a back. About waist high, just a padded top with four legs. The straps on the legs didn’t look like standard issue, however.
“Would you please lean over this and place your wrists and ankles near the straps. Very good.” He bent over and quickly attached the straps to your wrists. Moving behind you, he strapped each ankle to the other legs, rendering you completely helpless, bent over with your skirt-covered ass raised up behind you. Both your husband and the HeadMaster were impressed with the view. Your nylon covered legs rose from your strapped ankles up to the edge of your skirt, which just barely covered your ass. If they could see your face, they’d see your eyes closed in anticipation, and a flush covering your cheeks, as you waited for the punishment to begin.

“To begin, your demeanor has been very good. You’ve been polite and respectful. But, a couple of things need some work. Let’s begin.”He stepped behind you to a closed closet. Opening both doors revealed a whole wall full of spanking devices, whips and assorted instruments of torture and bondage. Making a quick selection, he again moved behind you, picking the best position. Lifting the bottom of your skirt, he nonchalantly flipped it up, revealing your bare ass above the edge of your nylons. The small whip in his hand rose and came down, striking your bottom. Ignoring your gasp, he raised it again, striking both cheeks in turn, over and over. God, he didn’t even give you any warning. “Do you enjoy having your bottom spanked, Leslie?”“Oh, yes, HeadMaster.”“Is your pussy heating up yet? Or do I need a different instrument?”
“My pussy is definitely heating up, sir. But any instrument you choose is fine.”“Do you enjoy having your husband watch me punish you?”“Yes, sir. It turns me on very much. Please feel free to punish me any way you desire.”“You’re going to make a fine student, Leslie. As a matter of fact, we need a highly responsive subject to help with some of the professor’s lectures. It would mean being punished in front of an entire class, and their husbands.”“Oh, please, pick me, sir. I would love that.”

During this conversation, he had tried three different instruments on her. Her ass was now a bright crimson. Her breathing was becoming harder, as each instrument struck a little harder. Stopping for a moment, he reached for a small bottle of lotion. Rubbing it between his hands he then began massaging your bottom, spreading your cheeks apart slowly.“As a reward for completing your first lesson, with high marks, I will allow you a choice. You may have my cock in your mouth or your pussy. Which would you prefer?”“I would really prefer both, sir. Please allow me to suck your cock before you fuck me hard. And while you’re fucking me, could you please continue punishing my ass?”“Oh, slave. I think you’re going to make an exemplary student.”The HeadMaster continued rubbing lotion on your cheeks, taking some of the sting away, but definitely generating more heat. As he rubbed, he spread your ass cheeks apart, revealing both openings, causing you to moan aloud.“Ahh. I believe Leslie enjoys being spread open. Is this true, my dear? Are your juices beginning to flow as I spread your bottom wide?”
“Oooh, God yes.”“Are you now ready to begin sucking my cock?”“Whatever you want, sir.”

Immediately the HeadMaster picked up a strap and brought in down hard across Leslie’s bottom. “You will always answer my questions directly, not vaguely. Once again, (slap) are you ready (slap) to begin sucking (slap) my cock?”
“I’m sorry, HeadMaster. Yes, I would love to begin sucking your cock. May my husband watch, please, sir?”“Even better, your husband may continue punishing your bottom while you suck me. If you wish, sir, please feel free to pick an instrument and commence whenever you like.”
Your husband went to the open closet to choose his weapon as the HeadMaster moved around to stand in front of you. Your eyes watched intently as he began sliding his zipper down and slid his hand inside to pull out his cock. As it swayed in front of your face, he began to slowly stroke it, the head just an inch from your mouth. Now closer, your tongue could almost touch it. He stood motionless, watching as his cock slowly grew in size, actually moving toward your open mouth.
Suddenly, a whip struck your ass hard, moving you forward just enough for the head of the cock to slide into your mouth.

You sucked greedily, moaning as the HeadMaster began inching his cock into your warm, wet mouth. Your husband stroked your bottom steadily with the whip, watching another man filling your mouth with cock, watching your pussy begin to actually drip.He tried different whips and straps, alternating with rubbing more lotion on your bottom. One small whip began striking your pussy, causing your lips to open up, releasing more juice. The HeadMaster placed his hand behind your head and slowly pushed more of his cock in your mouth, moaning softly as you took every inch of him, until his balls were pressed against your chin. “I believe that she sucks cock better than any other pupil I’ve ever had.” Your husband increased his whipping, saying “Wait until she sucks your balls. You won’t be able to hold back from coming all over her. Maybe we can get her to suck both sets of balls, one right after the other.”

“Tremendous idea, sir. Would you enjoy sucking our balls, Leslie? Perhaps you could make us come at the same time.”“Ooooh, yes, HeadMaster. Please allow me the pleasure of servicing both of you at the same time. Having you come at the same time all over me would be an honour.”“Well spoken. We shall grant your request.” Unstrapping you, they allowed you to stand for a short time before bending you over the same device on your back this time. With your arms and legs once more secured to the straps, your head was now bent over the back of the padded cushion, while your legs were spread wide. Both men stood back for a few moments, inspecting your helpless body, paying close attention to your now soaked pussy. Except for the small whip, it hadn’t been touched yet, and was dying for attention. The lips were actually opening and closing slightly on their own, releasing a small amount of pussy juice each time. Your clit was starting to become swollen, aching for some contact with a tongue, or fingers, or cock, or all of the above at the same time.

“Do you think we should give her pussy some release, or make her wait?”“Oh, definitely, make her wait. By the time we actually make contact with those sweet lips, she’ll positively explode. Does she squirt now?”“Oh yes. I’ve watched her squirt two feet across the bed, filling my mouth with her juice.”“Wait until you see this, then. After we’re done torturing her, she’ll pass out from coming and squirting so hard.”Moving to the front, they both dropped their pants, stroking their cocks while lifting their balls with their other hands, positioning them directly above your open mouth.“Leslie, start with one set, then alternate. We want to feel your tongue caress our balls while they fill your mouth. If you’re as good as I think you are, we’ll then reward you by allowing you to suck all four balls at the same time.”

You felt both sets of come-heavy balls brushing against your lips, your tongue seeking to draw them in. HeadMaster was first in, groaning as you sucked first one, then both balls deep inside your mouth, swirling the balls around inside their bag, feeling the base of his rigid cock rub against your face. With a pop, he pulled them out, allowing your husband his turn. After the same treatment, they switched places again, until you lost count of the times you sucked their balls. Finally, one set was left inside, while the other set was pushed rudely against your face. “Both sets, Leslie. Suck them all at the same time.” His breathing was so laboured, you could barely understand him. You didn’t care. You were so hot now, your pussy juice was actually dripping on the floor. You opened your mouth wider as the other two balls were slowly pushed in, first one, then with a supreme effort on your part, the other slid inside.

The two cocks were pressed hard against each other, directly above your face. Instead of stroking their cocks, they were forced to rub against each other, due to their balls being locked in place in your mouth. You moaned loudly, causing them to moan in turn. Again you moaned, extending it this time, actually humming, causing them to rub against each other harder. They both reached down to your blouse, ripping it wide open, exposing your heaving breasts and swollen nipples.As their cocks crossed each other and you continued to suck, they began to shoot their loads, aiming as much as possible at your tits. In a matter of seconds, your nipples were covered in hot come, as each of them spasmed again and again, sending jets of hot come across your body.
“Thus endeth the first lesson.” from

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sister in Law Sex Story

One afternoon my wife received a call from her sister, seems she and her husband had a falling out about his infidelities and she was leaving him, my wife of course offered to let he stay at our house till she worked things out. She arrived with only a overnight bag, and most of the late afternoon and evening I avoided them as my wife consoled her and they sat and drank wine.
By 9:00 the sobbing had ended and they both were pretty drunk, as I spent time with them my thoughts turned back to my sister-in-law. She was slender, had small breasts and a ass that was to die for, I was forever undressing her with my eyes and wondering what she looked like beneath the conservative clothes she always wore.

Since it was man bashing night in my house they ordered me to refill their drinks, which I gladly did to let them vent their frustration of men. While in the kitchen looking at the last of the wine, I noticed my bottle of valium on the counter and thought to myself, if they want to feel no pain tonight, I'll help them.

There was just enough wine left for two glasses so I took out three valiums and crushed them between two spoons and put it into the bottle, Shook it well, and delayed a bit while the last chunks dissolved. My intention was just to get them thoroughly stoned and end the pain, both for me having to listen to all this, and for her.
I poured the glasses and brought them in and was thoroughly chastised for being so slow. Over the next 45 min the girls finished their wine and began to get tired. My wife, who can't hold her drinks to begin with began to fall asleep, so I encouraged her to go to bed, and told her I would fold out the couch for her sister.

As I began to make up the bed the two girls went off, my sister-in-law to change for bed, my wife to start the dishwasher and turn off the lights. As they met in the kitchen I heard my wife offering her sister two Ambian to help her sleep, knowing that she was very upset. She gladly took them though she was already two sheets to the wind.
My sister-in-law was wearing a long nightshirt that went to her knees as she came into the living room to go to bed. My wife headed upstairs and I retired to my office to play video games as I often do late weekend nights. I few minutes after my wife went upstairs I went back in to see if there was anything else my sister-in-law needed, I offered her another blanket and she gladly accepted.

So off I went to the closet to get her one. When I returned only a few minutes later I saw she was already asleep. I told her I was here with her blanket but she did not respond, I set it on the bottom of the sofa bed and went back in my office. Over the next hour as I sat and played games my mind kept wandering to her laying just in the other room, I thought about all the wine, the valium and knowing what Ambian does to a person I started to think that she is probably pretty out of it. I started to think about finally getting a look at those small tits of hers, and began to wonder if she would awake.

I found myself getting hard as a rock as I thought about this, A couple times I went into the room to see if she would stir if I came in, she never did. I kept finding excuses to go in the living room, get my laptop, get a DVD, find my slippers. Never did she move. The thought of getting a look at her body started to take over, and my entrances into her room became bolder and bolder, I went in next time and turned on a lamp, figuring I had the excuse of turning up the heat for her. This time I spoke to her and asked her if she was warn enough, no response. I got bolder and gently shook her as if to wake her to ask if she needed the heat up, no response. I left the light on and left.

I returned to my office, my dick was rock hard and I was pacing as I fought what I wanted to do next. Finally after not much consideration I returned to the living room. This time I took the blanket I brought in and began to cover her, though she had one on already, I figured if she woke it would be a good excuse. I pulled it half way up on her, and then peeled both blankets up exposing her. There she lay on her back in her night shirt, she never moved. I was so close, I had to see. I lifted the nightshirt up and peered under, just enough that I could see those breasts I always wanted to see. They were perfect, very small, and appeared smaller because she laid on her back. I was so enthralled by her breasts that I barely noticed that I had exposed her panties too.

She was wearing pretty conservative while cotton panties, as I looked I could tell she didn't shave her pubes at all, the black hair was visible as a mound in he panties. Feeling bold, and not seeing a hint of movement from her I gently touched her mound, and started to slip my finger ever so gently down between her legs. I could feel the heat of her pussy as I rubbed over it.
At this point my dick was stone hard, and I needed to see more. The loose cotton panties offered me that ability, Gently I pulled them up from the waistband and I looked upon her huge bush. Let me tell you, hairy women really turned on, and she was perfect in all aspects. I reached in and just brushed her pubic hair. My needs grew more, and more I placed her waistband back, and slowly, gently spread her legs. I was able to get them spread quite wide, and still no movement from her.

With this view of her spread wide in her panties right before me I felt myself begin to climax right in my pants. When I recovered, I ran my fingers along the edge of her panties and pulled them back bringing her pussy into full view. As with her pubic hairs, I gently touched her pussy lips, and ran my finger up and down, slowly as I got no reaction I rubbed harder and harder, as I did, the moister grew and suddenly her lips opened right up for me. I began to rub my finger through her moist pussy lips, as my finger got wet I couldn't resist but to taste her juices. I sucked her juices of my finger and it was perfect, light in flavor, gentle musky smell.
I thought I was going cum again right then. But I returned to her pussy, a little more aggressive, I began to use her juices to slide my finger around her clit and it responded by standing right up hard. Her clit was larger than I have seen on other women, and was fun to tease. When I returned my finger to her pussy, it was wetter, and almost sucked my finger in as I rubbed over it. I was not finger fucking her, and she was not moving a inch.

I had all I could take and I lowered my mouth to her pussy, and began to lap up those juices, I took her clit in my mouth and began to suck it, this is the first time I her anything from her, and it was a very low moan. It startled me, and I froze as I looked up, but still no movement from her, so I returned to her pussy. As time went on I almost forgot I was eating a reluctant pussy and went at it as if it was a willing lover, I didn't regain my senses again till her legs squeezed my head in orgasm. Afterwards I looked up to see if I was busted, but she was still out, I had just given her a orgasm without her even knowing it.

At this point, I was half crazed with horniness, and I climbed on top of her, and inserted my penis in her, I swear she fucked me back, low moans, and was so wet. I shot my load in her. When I was done, I put her back as I found her, and went to bed, fantasy fulfilled.
The next morning she talked about how out of it she was, no mention of waking up messy, but I figured she just thought she'd had a very hot dream.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

blue rose

I spent the early afternoon watching porn while I played with my hairy pussy until I fell asleep.
I was awakened by the sound of thunder as I was lying on the sofa during my late-afternoon nap.I could tell the storm was getting closer because the floors shook beneath my feet with each roll of the thunder.
I was exhilarated by the electricity in the air as the lightning flashed.
I wanted to SEE the lightning and to HEAR the thunder more clearly, so I ran to the window, tied back the curtains and opened the windows so I could take in the fresh ocean breeze.
I didn’t live on the beach, but I could hear the waves crashing against the rocks as cool droplets of rain drops kissed my plump, tender flesh as the wind was blew through my shoulder length blonde curly hair, and my pale skin began to tingle. I was so moved by the power of the storm that I decided to burn some incense and put on some soft, romantic music.

As I felt the wind rushing in, I reached for some lubricant. I applied the lubricant to my hands and I pulled my feet towards my chest and I began to rub them . Then I began to rub one of my breasts, pinching my nipple until it was erect.I applied some more lubricant to my hands so I could rub my pussy. I started by rubbing my clit with my left hand in a circular motion as I used the other hand to play with my foot, becoming more and more aroused as I squeezed each toe. As I slid my fingers between each toe, my pussy started to throb.
While still rubbing my clit with my left hand, I placed my right middle finger at the entrance of my pussy hole and was just about to push my finger inside when the phone rang.
It was a familiar voice I was very happy to hear. My pussy was wet and throbbing as I listened to his voice.

I thought that he’d never suspect that I was playing with my pussy, rubbing my clit and squeezing my fingers with my pussy muscles as we spoke, imagining that I was squeezing his cock. I wanted him so badly that I though of inviting him to have phone sex with me, but then he says “ Um… I’d kind of like to see you tonight, can you come over ?”
So I grabbed my purse, got into my car and drove over to his house on the beach.
When I got out of the car, I could see he was watching me, looking me up and down.
When I walked through the door, I knew he wanted me. I admired him as I looked into his dark eyes and touched his dark curly hair . He took me into an embrace as “ Blue Roses” played softly in the background. I looked into his eyes and said “ still love me ? ” He just smiled and said “ oh, yeah !” We began to kiss and as we were kissing, I could feel my pussy getting hotter and more wet.

My nipples began to tingle as I felt them begin to harden and swell. We kissed for a while when he began to open my long, dark coat. He seemed surprised to see that I was already wearing an exotic robe with a baby doll nightie underneath. He walked behind me and began to rub my inner thigh, tugging at my panties , pulling them to one side, and then the other, but still, he did not touch my pussy. He pulled off my panties and then gently guided me to lay on the kitchen table. After I was comfortably positioned on the kitchen table, he placed my feet on the table, separated my knees and gently opened my legs . I started to shiver as I heard the sound of water dripping,, then suddenly, I felt hot water dripping against my pussy followed by a steaming hot wash cloth . I took in a deep breath, grabbed my titties, and said “ what are you doing ?”He said “ I’m shaving your pussy” as he settled into his chair. Then I felt him rubbing shaving cream all over my ass and pussy. Using a hot wash cloth, he gently pulled my clit to one side and began to shave me on one side, then the other.

I could hear the sound of the water whenever he’d dip the razor in it and shake it around.
I could feel that hot razor against my pussy and ass as he was shaving me.
When he was finished shaving me, I felt another steamy, hot wash cloth against my pussy, as he wiped away all the shaving cream. Then he began to rub my pussy as he poured hot water over it.I felt his hard cock rubbing up against my pussy as he kissed me again. My breasts were tingling, my thighs were trembling, my pussy was hot and wet, throbbing with anticipation. I wanted him so badly, I wanted to scream. I began to breathe more heavily as I rubbed my breasts. I could feel the muscles inside my pussy contracting and expanding ,and with each wave of that sensation, I wanted him more.

I began to push my hips forward, hoping his hard throbbing cock would slide into my pussy. He backed away, pulled my robe apart, and gently removed my breasts from my nighty and began to squeeze and suck on them. As I was quivering , still pushing my hips upward so I could take him in. I was whispering “ please, please, please.” He looked into my pale blue-gray eyes and covered my mouth with a kiss as he began to rub my pussy again.

As he pulled me to the edge of the table, I heard the sound of a vibrator. I wondered “ How big is it? Where is he going to put it ?”Then I felt his hands again, as he pushed up my nightie slightly above my pubic area revealing my plump abdomen.
I tried to push my nightie back down but he stopped me by kissing my abdomen. Then I felt his hands delicately rubbing lubricant on my hot, wet , freshly shaved pussy and ass.
With his thumbs, he gently pulled my pussy lips apart. I felt his warm breath against my clit, and then I felt his soft, flat tongue softly kissing my pussy. I could tell he knew what he was doing because when he was kissing my clit, he didn’t point his tongue, suck, bite or nibble. I never even felt his teeth. The only time I felt him point his tongue was when he put it inside my pussy. He said “ mmmmmmm………you got a tight little pussy !”I said “ thank you !”

I was thinking “ mmmmmmmmm………this is great ! “ I grabbed my titties and I began to pinch my nipples as I whimpered “ please, please, please, ” because I wanted him inside me so badly.
Still, he continued with his gentle brand of erotic torture. As he was kissing my clit, I felt him slide a finger inside of my pussy. I contracted my muscles and squeezed his finger as he slid his finger in and out of my pussyas he lightly massaged my ass with the vibrator, which made me kind of nervous because I was not accustomed to butt play. Finally, he began to push the vibrator inside my pussy, but just the tip of it. Each time I would push my hips forward to try and take more, he would pull the vibrator out, all the while kissing my pussy.

When I stopped pushing my hips forward, he slowly and gradually gave me more and more of the vibrator as he kissed my pussy. He reached for my hand, placed some lube on it, and told me to rub my clit, so I did. I felt his hand rubbing my ass. He asked me if I liked the way he was rubbing my ass and I said yes. He asked me if he could slide his finger into my ass and I said yes. I felt him slide his gloved finger into my ass slowly and gently , then he would take it out.He kept doing this as I was rubbing myself. Then he put my hand on the vibrator, so I began to push it harder and deeper into my pussy while he played with my ass. Just a few minutes later,I felt something else vibrating against my ass. He asked me if I liked it and I told him yes. He asked me if he could slide it into my ass and I said yes. He gently and carefully placed a small lubricated vibrating plug inside my ass while I was rubbing my clit and pushing the vibrator in and out of my pussy.There was a burning sensation inside my ass for a moment, but I got used to it and started to enjoy it.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I felt him start rubbing one of my toes.
Finally, he asked me if he could put his cock into my pussy and I said “oh, yeah !’
Then I exploded into orgasm, screaming and writhing. As the vibrating plug pulsed inside my ass, and as my pussy was aching from a mind blowing orgasm, he slid the tip of his cock inside of my swollen, wet, throbbing, hot , pussy. The head of his big hard , black throbbing cock was thick so my pussy hole was hurting, so I began to cry out, but he hushed my cries with a kiss. I tried to take him in deeper so my pussy hole would stop hurting, but he kept teasing me.
Finally , I begged him to give me all of it. He teased me some more, and then he shoved his thick cock inside my pussy as hard as he could, as far as it would go.

I started screaming , so he asked me if I wanted him to stop. I didn’t say anything, I just pulled him closer again. I began to squeeze his cock with my pussy muscles as he continued to tease me. He would put the head in, and then take it out, then he would thrust me really hard and then go back to gentle thrusting while I played with my clit. All the while, he was pinching my nipples, kissing my breasts, and rubbing my feet.We kissed as he continued to thrust himself into me and I loved the way he felt inside of me, but my pussy was getting so sore I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I asked him if he wanted to try to cum in my ass.
I told him that I never had anal sex before and to please be careful. He pulled his cock out of my pussy and began to carefully and gently remove the vibrating plug from my ass.
He lubricated my ass, put on a condom, and began to massage my ass with the head of his cock.
I put my feet on his shoulders, reached down and grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them apart.
He allowed me to slowly grind into his cock as I bore down while he was gently massaging my ass with his cock. Finally, I could feel the head of his cock sliding into my ass and I felt a burning sensation. I told him it was hurting me , so he gently pulled his cock out of my ass.
He started to massage my pussy and ass some more, and after a few minutes, I told him I was ready for him to try again. I pulled my ass cheeks apart and bore down a little and as he massaged my ass with the head of his cock. Gradually and slowly, the head of his cock slipped into my lubricated ass.I screamed and I was in pain at first, but it was not a sharp, sudden or terrible pain, the pain was from the gradual stretching. I continued to try to relax and breathe deeply. Finally, his cock went a little further into my ass. He grabbed my titties and started pinching my nipples.

The muscles in my pussy and ass were contracting and expanding and I started to moan and wiggle my ass even more. Gently, he massaged his way deeper and deeper into my ass as I pulled my ass cheeks apart as I rotated my hips until I was full of him.
He wiggled his hips while he was deep inside me and then he began to pull and push gently in and out of my ass. After a while, he pulled his cock out of my ass and began to massage my ass with the head of his penis. I raised my hips, bore down on my muscles and rubbed my ass up against the head of his cock, but he just kept rubbing my ass. Finally he smiled, lubricated my ass again with his gloved finger, and gently pushed the head of his cock back into my ass.
He said “ mmmmmmmm……….you got such a tight little rosebud.!”
Then he grabbed my breasts and started moaning, pushing himself in deeper and deeper again while I rubbed my clit.

He stopped for a while and just teased my ass with the head of his penis. I started whimpering… “ it hurts, it hurts” because my ass was getting sore so he pulled out and lubricated my tight red swollen ass again. I looked up at the mirror above the bed and I could see a tiny stream of reddish- pink liquid slowly dripping from my tiny red swollen ass hole.
At this point, I realized that my ass hole had been slightly torn apart by his thick, bulging black cock. He kept rubbing my ass hole, and putting lube inside of it. I started to protest but he kissed me again, and as he was kissing me, he was still massaging my ass with his fingers. I looked up at the mirror above the bed and I watched him, sliding his gloved fingers in and out of my tiny red swollen ass hole as reddish-pink liquid continued to drip out of it.
Finally, I was beginning to relax, so I pulled my ass cheeks apart again, and bore down again. He massaged the head of his thick black cock into my blood red ass hole again. I screamed and writhed with pain. He asked me if I wanted him to stop, and my ass hole felt like it was ripping apart, but I said “ no, don’t stop.”

I looked up at the mirror again and began to rub my pussy. I could see his thick black cock sliding in and out of my blood red ass hole. I started screaming and he stopped and silenced my screaming with a kiss. My blood red ass hole was throbbing, & my pussy was dripping wet.
He put the vibrator in my hand and told me to push it into my pussy while he pounded my blood red ass hole with his thick black cock, so I did. I looked up at the mirror and watched myself.
I slid the vibrator into my pussy and then took it all the way out so I could watch his cock moving in and out of my blood red ass hole. He poured some more lube on my clit and told me to rub it so I did. Some of the lube slid down around my ass hole and filled it with a burning sensation.
I was filled with sensations of pleasure and pain, I wanted him to stop, and at the same time, I wanted him to go deeper and deeper inside my blood red ass. My ass hole was burning and stinging and aching so badly that I began to writhe, as I thought to myself, “ how can so much pain give me so much pleasure at the same time ?” ………then I started screaming…… “ I’m cumming , I‘m cumming ! ”

He moaned loudly with a look of pain on his face and stopped moving as my swollen, blood red ass hole gripped his thick cock in pulsing waves . He reached down and started playing with my pussy again. It was throbbing from the anal orgasm I’d just had. I begged him , “ no, my pussy is so sore.” He began to kiss me, rubbing my pussy. Then I felt a burning pain as he pulled his cock out of my swollen ass hole and I screamed.He changed condoms and slipped the head of his cock inside my pussy. He said “ mmmmmm. “ your pussy is tighter than ever.”
He put my hand on my pussy and said “ put your fingers inside your pussy .”
So I did. I felt hotter and tighter and more swollen than I was earlier. He took my hand away and teased me with the head of his cock for what seemed like hours. I laid there watching in the mirror as he pinched my nipples and pumped the head of his cock in and out of my pussy hole.
Then suddenly, he shoved his cock into my pussy so hard that tears came to my eyes.
He asked me if I wanted him to stop, but I said no.
I thought to myself “ should I ask him to put his cock inside my blood red asshole, or should I just endure this vicious pumping ?”

After a while, my pussy started burning and aching so badly that I thought I wanted him to stretch my blood red ass with his thick black cock again while standing behind me, maybe that would make him cum, maybe then the pain would stop, yet I still wanted him inside of me, so I said “ darlin’ I think I want you to take me from behind. ”But he teased me again by inserting the vibrating butt plug inside my ass , then he shoved his cock inside my pussy as hard as he could and began to thrust my pussy harder and harder. He’d ram his cock into me so hard I’d scream my head off as my eyes welled up with tears, then when his cock was inside me as far as it would go, he’d wiggle his hips from side to side, scratching my pussy with his coarse , dark, curly pubic hair. Finally, he took mercy on my poor throbbing swollen pussy and pulled out.
I got off the bed , bent over , and pulled my ass cheeks apart. He slipped the vibrating plug out and I started rubbing my pussy as I bore down a little.

He drizzled some more lubricant on my tiny swollen ass hole and I could feel the liquid entering the little tears around my ass hole, burning and stinging. Then he said “ tell me you want me to slip my cock in your ass .” I remained quiet. Again, he said, “ tell me you want me to slip my cock in your ass.”I remained silent.
So , he pushed the tip of his finger into my swollen, blood red ass hole, and started rotating it as he slid a finger in and out of my pussy.
Then he took his finger out of my pussy and kept rotating the tip of his finger in my swollen ass, teasing me, taunting me, forcing me to beg him to pump my blood red swollen ass hole again.
I started to whimper. He said “ tell me you want me to slip my cock in your ass”
The burning and stinging caused from his finger tip rotating in my ass hole just got worse and worse.I wanted him to stop teasing me and just slip his cock into my blood red swollen ass again, push it gently , deep inside of me, so finally I said “ slip your cock into my ass.”
He said “ say PLEASE !” as he twisted his finger tip inside my tiny blood red ass hole, so I said “PLEASE slip your cock into my ass.”At that moment, he pulled his finger tip out of my swollen , blood red ass hole. I knew what was coming, and I knew it was going to hurt worse than before. I had mixed feelings of anticipation and dread as he began to massage his thick, hard cock into my hot, throbbing, swollen ass AGAIN !

He pushed my ass cheeks apart and gently slipped his thick head into my throbbing, swollen, blood red ass hole, so I started screaming “it hurts, it hurts !!!!”
My blood red ass burned and throbbed as the lubricant was stinging the tiny tears in my ass hole as he started gently pumping my ass hole .He stopped and asked me if I wanted him to take it out, but….. I said no. I felt so many sensations. Pain, pleasure , and everything in between. I wanted him to stop, but I wanted him to go deeper into me all at the same time.
He reached forward and grabbed one of my breasts as he began to massage his cock deeper into my ass slowly and gently. After a while, he began to thrust me harder and faster.

My legs began to shake as I felt him getting harder and hotter inside my burning, swollen, blood red ass. Tears came to my eyes as I rubbed my pussy, and I exploded into orgasm again as he moaned loudly and came inside my ass.
My stretched swollen blood red ass was throbbing so hard he let out a loud painful moan.
He didn’t move an inch for a while. I laid my head down on the pillow and pulled my ass cheeks apart as he gently pulled his cock out of my ass , and I screamed out again because it hurt so bad. I nearly passed out as I collapsed on the bed. I could see reddish-pink liquid all over the white satin …….the evidence of my ass cherry. I was so dizzy I could barely stand up.
He bent over me, pushed my hair to the side kissed the back of the neck.
Then he helped me to steady myself, we went to wash ourselves, and then he took me by the hand and led me down the hall.

We talked, kissed, cuddled and curled up to take a short nap.
I awakened to the sensation of his hand rubbing my swollen, wet, hot pussy. I said “ oh, no, I can’t , I’m so sore!” To keep him from pumping my swollen pussy or blood red ass hole again, I told him I wanted to suck his cock. He laid down on his back as I knelt between his legs.
I reached down and held his cock with one hand and playfully licked the head of it, while I used the other hand to play with his balls. He started moving his hips and so I cupped my lips over my teeth and took his cock deeper into my mouth ever so gently.He started to moan. Then he spread his legs wider and asked me to play with his ass.
I inserted a lubricated, gloved finger into his ass and gently pushed my finger upwards in a circular motion. I could feel his ass squeezing my finger so I gently massaged a lubricated vibrator plug into his ass. He started moving his hips faster and faster.
I repositioned myself into 69 position, took his cock into my mouth and rotated my tongue around the head of his cock while sliding my mouth up and down simultaneously as the vibrating plug was pulsing inside his ass. He slipped a gloved, lubricated finger into hot, throbbing pussy.
I started to moan.

Then he slipped a gloved, lubricated finger into my sore, throbbing star. My pussy and ass were hurting so badly, yet I did not want him to stop. I started moaning louder as I was sucking his cock because of the pain. He kept getting harder and harder and moving his hips faster and faster.I felt the veins of his thick cock against my lips and tongue.I began to taste his cum. It was sweet , salty and warm. Finally, he screamed “ I’m gonna cum !” so I stopped moving my head and he exploded into my mouth. I swallowed every last drop of his honey. We took off our gloves and collapsed into another long nap. I awakened to the sensation of his hand rubbing my swollen, red hot pussy….I looked up at him and said “oh , PLEASE no, I’m so sore !”
He just smiled and kissed me as he slipped a lubricated finger into my hot, wet , swollen……….