Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Day My Uptown Girl Went Kinky On Me

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, we had just taken a stroll through Central Park, and were now headed to our favorite Cafe. But today, my Uptown Girl had a most peculiar, and devious look in her eyes. I leaned over from my latte and told her that her eyes seemed to be thinking about something.She replied, "yes, you are right as usual. I'm trying to remember if there is a hardware store somewhere around here."I said, "there is a hardware store about 15 blocks away."She gasped, "15 blocks. Are you sure there is nothing closer?"I laughed and said, "as the Uptown rents keep climbing, the hardware stores just keep getting further and further away."
She said, "15 blocks. After that I will reward myself with something high in calories."We finished our latte and headed to the hardware store.I asked, "what do you need to buy?"

She replied, "clothes line and a very sharp pair of scissors."When we got to the hardware store, she found the clothes line and scissors, and I went to hand her a pulley with that.She said, "oh, why would I need a pulley?"I put the pulley back and thought to myself, "how strange that someone would buy a clothes line without a pulley. But then again, she's from Uptown and maybe they don't use pulleys."Something didn't quite fit. She had a very good dryer, so I just couldn't figure why she would need a clothes line. But I was starting to tire from the walk and the partying the night before.I just felt like taking a little knap. We got back to her apartment and had a few glasses of wine while listening to some soothing tapes. I felt very tranquil and started to close my eyes.She said, "you look tired. Come and lay down on the bed."
I asked, "do you mind?"She said, "no, no problem. I'm tired to. I will join you in a while. I just have something to do first."I noticed she had the windows wide open again, so, I took everything off but my shorts and pulled the covers over me.

Just as I started to dose I felt her hand shake me. She said, "take these two vitamins and when you wake up you'll feel better."I said honey, "you know I never take vitamins."She said. "do it for me."She handed me a class of water and placed the pills in my mouth.I said "okay. Just for you."I fell into a deep sound sleep and didn't awaken again, until I felt the cold night air blowing on my chest.I thought, "she must have knocked the covers off me, as she had so many times before."I went to reach for the covers, but my hands could not move.
I opened my eyes, and found that my arms and legs were tied to the bed posts. I looked over and noticed her sound asleep beside me. I called her name and she started to wake.

She asked, "why are you waking me?"I replied. "why I'm all tied up?"She laughed and said, "oh that."I said, "yes, oh that."She replied, "you weren't supposed to wake up yet. Karen said those sleeping pills would knock you out for the whole night."I said, "sleeping pills. I thought they were vitamins."She laughed and said, "vitamins to make you sleep so I could tie you up and then do naughty things to you."I said, "I woke up because I was freezing from all that cold air coming through the open window. And what naughty things are you planning to do to me?"She threw the cover over me, and said, "go back to sleep. You'll find out in the morning how naughty I will be."I went back to sleep and I didn't wake up again until I heard the sound of an electric razor.

I opened my eyes and saw her standing over me with the electric razor. I asked, "why am I tied up? And what are you doing with that electric razor?"She laughed, and said, "this is all part of the surprise I've been planning for you."I laughed and said, "you mean, you really didn't buy that rope for a clothes line."She laughed, and said, "oh, you're so perceptive."Then she smiled and said. "you're always pleasuring me. I just wanted you to have 100% pleasure for a change, and I knew if you weren't tied up, you wouldn't let me go all the way through with my plans."
I laughed, and said, "plans, what do you mean plans?"She licked her lips seductively and said, "I've been thinking about this all week." I wanted to do something special for you for Valentines Day. Then I thought, I would do something that you would never do for yourself."

I said, "so you tied me up with the clothes line. Thats my Valentines Day surprise. I get it now, thats what you were whispering about to Karen on the telephone, and silly me, I just thought it was girl talk. So what other surprises did you and Karen plot together for me?"She laughed and said, "you have no idea what sort of surprises I have in store for you."Then she came toward me with the electric razor. I said, "let me guess. You want to give me a haircut for a surprise."She said, "a haircut yes. But not the kind of haircut that you would ever want."Then she pointed the electric razor at my chest. I asked. "why are you pointing the electric razor at my chest?"

She said, "I'm going to do something I know you would never do."
I asked, "whats that?"She said. "I'm going to shave your chest."I said, "oh no your not," confident that I could break free of the rope.But I was tied more tighly than I had imagined. I couldn't even budge. I asked. "how did you know how to tie a rope so good?"She smiled and said, "I once was a girl scout."Then I said, "well, will you be a nice girl scout and kindly untie me now?"She laughed and said, "no way," as she moved the electric razor closer to my chest.I said honey, "wait. Just wait. Let me explain this to you. Only weight lifters shave their chests."But as I pleaded I felt the electric razor moving up my stomach. I pulled at the rope to get free, but it was futile.I said, "please, don't." But the electric razor continued to run up my stomach.

Then I asked, "at least don't shave any further than my stomach.She just laughed and said, "see, this is why I had to tie you up."As I pulled again at the rope, she moved the electric razor up to my chest.As I said, "no honey not my chest," I could feel the electric razor now advance up my chest.She kept mowing up and down my chest with the electric razor until every last hair was gone. She then brushed the hair off with a damp towel. She smiled as if she had just won a prize and reached for a can of whip cream, and started to shake it with vigor.I asked, "now, what are you going to do with that whip cream."But she wouldn't answer and just kept shaking the can. She pointed the can at my now hairless chest and sprayed the whip cream all over me, and started rubing it all up and down my chest with her hands. She then climbed over me and started licking all the whip cream up with her tongue.

I was surprised, but with my newly mowed chest, I felt a tremendous arousal with each tongue stroke.I told her, "I have to admit it. I'm feeling a nice sensation."She said, "I've just barely started yet."And then she moved her tongue deep inside my mouth, as I felt her hands running up and down my chest.I told her that everything was great now and said, "lets call it a day."She said, "I'm not finished yet," as her tongue now moved to my ear.First, she tongued and blew in one ear and then the other ear. Then she got up and pulled something out of her night table draw. It was the extra sharp scissor, she had bought at the hardware store.

I said. "good. You're going to cut the rope off me at last."She smiled and said, "I'm going to cut something off, but not the rope."I said, "oh come on honey. Enough already."She laughed and said, "not yet."I said, "okay. What did you and Karen plan to do with the scissor when this plot was hatched?"She said, "the plan. Sorry, but I have to cut your shorts off."I said, "you're going to ruin a perfectly good pair of shorts."She said, "I don't want to untie you yet. And cutting your shorts off is the only other way I can give you your surprise."

As I started to say, "you are kidding right,?" she moved the scissors up the side of my shorts, and cut them away, and then slid them off me.Then she pointed the can of whip cream, where the shorts had just been and sprayed.I yelled, "oh honey. that feels cold."She smiled and said, "you won't feel cold there for long."Then she started to lick up all the whip cream with her tongue. She licked and licked and while she licked her hands were running all up and down my waist and thighs. My body started to shake with excitement, but the rope kept a firm grip on me.

Then with every inch of my body tingling, she climbed on top of me. It was Rocket Ships and the Forth Of July fireworks.She asked, "did you enjoy your surprise honey?"As she untied me, I replied. "Oh yes, I enjoyed my surprise. Oh, did I ever enjoy my surprise."from

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

back to school

“Back to school, honey. Just think, a week away. A campus that has four-star accomodations, more like a hotel than a school, really.”He was selling this too much. Obviously, there was more here than met the eye.
“What exactly am I going to study?”"Weelll, it’s not so much what you’re going to study, as what you’re going to be taught. This is a disciplined curriculum, so to speak.”“You’re stalling.”“Ok. Here’s the truth. This school is a school of discipline. You’ll be taught the proper ways to be spanked, the right way to address your Master, all the good stuff.”“But I like the way you spank me now, Master.”“That’s a very good response, but it won’t work. I’m going with you, but only as an observer, not a participant.

That way I get to see your response to different methods, different spanking devices, and which ones turn you on the most. The more I learn, the better you’ll feel.”“But Master, won’t it bother you to see other people spanking my ass, my tits and my pussy? Watch while a sexy schoolmistress turns my cheeks red, or a headmaster forces me over his knee and spanks my ass until I promise to suck his cock?“Slave, I would love to watch that. Think how much I’ll have to punish you when we get home.”“Your wish is my command, Master.”Later, having set up their stay, they drove to the school, and checked in. After a brief stroll around the grounds, they met the HeadMaster at their scheduled appointment.Older, but still handsome, almost like Harrison Ford’s older brother, the HeadMaster welcomed them and talked briefly of the history of the school.“Well, enough history. Let’s get to the business at hand. Leslie, are you fully prepared to begin your lessons?”“Yes, HeadMaster.”“Very good. Would you please stand and come over here, please?”

Walking toward a wooden contraption, he turned and waited while Leslie stood and walked hesitantly toward this device. It looked like a chair without a back. About waist high, just a padded top with four legs. The straps on the legs didn’t look like standard issue, however.
“Would you please lean over this and place your wrists and ankles near the straps. Very good.” He bent over and quickly attached the straps to your wrists. Moving behind you, he strapped each ankle to the other legs, rendering you completely helpless, bent over with your skirt-covered ass raised up behind you. Both your husband and the HeadMaster were impressed with the view. Your nylon covered legs rose from your strapped ankles up to the edge of your skirt, which just barely covered your ass. If they could see your face, they’d see your eyes closed in anticipation, and a flush covering your cheeks, as you waited for the punishment to begin.

“To begin, your demeanor has been very good. You’ve been polite and respectful. But, a couple of things need some work. Let’s begin.”He stepped behind you to a closed closet. Opening both doors revealed a whole wall full of spanking devices, whips and assorted instruments of torture and bondage. Making a quick selection, he again moved behind you, picking the best position. Lifting the bottom of your skirt, he nonchalantly flipped it up, revealing your bare ass above the edge of your nylons. The small whip in his hand rose and came down, striking your bottom. Ignoring your gasp, he raised it again, striking both cheeks in turn, over and over. God, he didn’t even give you any warning. “Do you enjoy having your bottom spanked, Leslie?”“Oh, yes, HeadMaster.”“Is your pussy heating up yet? Or do I need a different instrument?”
“My pussy is definitely heating up, sir. But any instrument you choose is fine.”“Do you enjoy having your husband watch me punish you?”“Yes, sir. It turns me on very much. Please feel free to punish me any way you desire.”“You’re going to make a fine student, Leslie. As a matter of fact, we need a highly responsive subject to help with some of the professor’s lectures. It would mean being punished in front of an entire class, and their husbands.”“Oh, please, pick me, sir. I would love that.”

During this conversation, he had tried three different instruments on her. Her ass was now a bright crimson. Her breathing was becoming harder, as each instrument struck a little harder. Stopping for a moment, he reached for a small bottle of lotion. Rubbing it between his hands he then began massaging your bottom, spreading your cheeks apart slowly.“As a reward for completing your first lesson, with high marks, I will allow you a choice. You may have my cock in your mouth or your pussy. Which would you prefer?”“I would really prefer both, sir. Please allow me to suck your cock before you fuck me hard. And while you’re fucking me, could you please continue punishing my ass?”“Oh, slave. I think you’re going to make an exemplary student.”The HeadMaster continued rubbing lotion on your cheeks, taking some of the sting away, but definitely generating more heat. As he rubbed, he spread your ass cheeks apart, revealing both openings, causing you to moan aloud.“Ahh. I believe Leslie enjoys being spread open. Is this true, my dear? Are your juices beginning to flow as I spread your bottom wide?”
“Oooh, God yes.”“Are you now ready to begin sucking my cock?”“Whatever you want, sir.”

Immediately the HeadMaster picked up a strap and brought in down hard across Leslie’s bottom. “You will always answer my questions directly, not vaguely. Once again, (slap) are you ready (slap) to begin sucking (slap) my cock?”
“I’m sorry, HeadMaster. Yes, I would love to begin sucking your cock. May my husband watch, please, sir?”“Even better, your husband may continue punishing your bottom while you suck me. If you wish, sir, please feel free to pick an instrument and commence whenever you like.”
Your husband went to the open closet to choose his weapon as the HeadMaster moved around to stand in front of you. Your eyes watched intently as he began sliding his zipper down and slid his hand inside to pull out his cock. As it swayed in front of your face, he began to slowly stroke it, the head just an inch from your mouth. Now closer, your tongue could almost touch it. He stood motionless, watching as his cock slowly grew in size, actually moving toward your open mouth.
Suddenly, a whip struck your ass hard, moving you forward just enough for the head of the cock to slide into your mouth.

You sucked greedily, moaning as the HeadMaster began inching his cock into your warm, wet mouth. Your husband stroked your bottom steadily with the whip, watching another man filling your mouth with cock, watching your pussy begin to actually drip.He tried different whips and straps, alternating with rubbing more lotion on your bottom. One small whip began striking your pussy, causing your lips to open up, releasing more juice. The HeadMaster placed his hand behind your head and slowly pushed more of his cock in your mouth, moaning softly as you took every inch of him, until his balls were pressed against your chin. “I believe that she sucks cock better than any other pupil I’ve ever had.” Your husband increased his whipping, saying “Wait until she sucks your balls. You won’t be able to hold back from coming all over her. Maybe we can get her to suck both sets of balls, one right after the other.”

“Tremendous idea, sir. Would you enjoy sucking our balls, Leslie? Perhaps you could make us come at the same time.”“Ooooh, yes, HeadMaster. Please allow me the pleasure of servicing both of you at the same time. Having you come at the same time all over me would be an honour.”“Well spoken. We shall grant your request.” Unstrapping you, they allowed you to stand for a short time before bending you over the same device on your back this time. With your arms and legs once more secured to the straps, your head was now bent over the back of the padded cushion, while your legs were spread wide. Both men stood back for a few moments, inspecting your helpless body, paying close attention to your now soaked pussy. Except for the small whip, it hadn’t been touched yet, and was dying for attention. The lips were actually opening and closing slightly on their own, releasing a small amount of pussy juice each time. Your clit was starting to become swollen, aching for some contact with a tongue, or fingers, or cock, or all of the above at the same time.

“Do you think we should give her pussy some release, or make her wait?”“Oh, definitely, make her wait. By the time we actually make contact with those sweet lips, she’ll positively explode. Does she squirt now?”“Oh yes. I’ve watched her squirt two feet across the bed, filling my mouth with her juice.”“Wait until you see this, then. After we’re done torturing her, she’ll pass out from coming and squirting so hard.”Moving to the front, they both dropped their pants, stroking their cocks while lifting their balls with their other hands, positioning them directly above your open mouth.“Leslie, start with one set, then alternate. We want to feel your tongue caress our balls while they fill your mouth. If you’re as good as I think you are, we’ll then reward you by allowing you to suck all four balls at the same time.”

You felt both sets of come-heavy balls brushing against your lips, your tongue seeking to draw them in. HeadMaster was first in, groaning as you sucked first one, then both balls deep inside your mouth, swirling the balls around inside their bag, feeling the base of his rigid cock rub against your face. With a pop, he pulled them out, allowing your husband his turn. After the same treatment, they switched places again, until you lost count of the times you sucked their balls. Finally, one set was left inside, while the other set was pushed rudely against your face. “Both sets, Leslie. Suck them all at the same time.” His breathing was so laboured, you could barely understand him. You didn’t care. You were so hot now, your pussy juice was actually dripping on the floor. You opened your mouth wider as the other two balls were slowly pushed in, first one, then with a supreme effort on your part, the other slid inside.

The two cocks were pressed hard against each other, directly above your face. Instead of stroking their cocks, they were forced to rub against each other, due to their balls being locked in place in your mouth. You moaned loudly, causing them to moan in turn. Again you moaned, extending it this time, actually humming, causing them to rub against each other harder. They both reached down to your blouse, ripping it wide open, exposing your heaving breasts and swollen nipples.As their cocks crossed each other and you continued to suck, they began to shoot their loads, aiming as much as possible at your tits. In a matter of seconds, your nipples were covered in hot come, as each of them spasmed again and again, sending jets of hot come across your body.
“Thus endeth the first lesson.” from

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sister in Law Sex Story

One afternoon my wife received a call from her sister, seems she and her husband had a falling out about his infidelities and she was leaving him, my wife of course offered to let he stay at our house till she worked things out. She arrived with only a overnight bag, and most of the late afternoon and evening I avoided them as my wife consoled her and they sat and drank wine.
By 9:00 the sobbing had ended and they both were pretty drunk, as I spent time with them my thoughts turned back to my sister-in-law. She was slender, had small breasts and a ass that was to die for, I was forever undressing her with my eyes and wondering what she looked like beneath the conservative clothes she always wore.

Since it was man bashing night in my house they ordered me to refill their drinks, which I gladly did to let them vent their frustration of men. While in the kitchen looking at the last of the wine, I noticed my bottle of valium on the counter and thought to myself, if they want to feel no pain tonight, I'll help them.

There was just enough wine left for two glasses so I took out three valiums and crushed them between two spoons and put it into the bottle, Shook it well, and delayed a bit while the last chunks dissolved. My intention was just to get them thoroughly stoned and end the pain, both for me having to listen to all this, and for her.
I poured the glasses and brought them in and was thoroughly chastised for being so slow. Over the next 45 min the girls finished their wine and began to get tired. My wife, who can't hold her drinks to begin with began to fall asleep, so I encouraged her to go to bed, and told her I would fold out the couch for her sister.

As I began to make up the bed the two girls went off, my sister-in-law to change for bed, my wife to start the dishwasher and turn off the lights. As they met in the kitchen I heard my wife offering her sister two Ambian to help her sleep, knowing that she was very upset. She gladly took them though she was already two sheets to the wind.
My sister-in-law was wearing a long nightshirt that went to her knees as she came into the living room to go to bed. My wife headed upstairs and I retired to my office to play video games as I often do late weekend nights. I few minutes after my wife went upstairs I went back in to see if there was anything else my sister-in-law needed, I offered her another blanket and she gladly accepted.

So off I went to the closet to get her one. When I returned only a few minutes later I saw she was already asleep. I told her I was here with her blanket but she did not respond, I set it on the bottom of the sofa bed and went back in my office. Over the next hour as I sat and played games my mind kept wandering to her laying just in the other room, I thought about all the wine, the valium and knowing what Ambian does to a person I started to think that she is probably pretty out of it. I started to think about finally getting a look at those small tits of hers, and began to wonder if she would awake.

I found myself getting hard as a rock as I thought about this, A couple times I went into the room to see if she would stir if I came in, she never did. I kept finding excuses to go in the living room, get my laptop, get a DVD, find my slippers. Never did she move. The thought of getting a look at her body started to take over, and my entrances into her room became bolder and bolder, I went in next time and turned on a lamp, figuring I had the excuse of turning up the heat for her. This time I spoke to her and asked her if she was warn enough, no response. I got bolder and gently shook her as if to wake her to ask if she needed the heat up, no response. I left the light on and left.

I returned to my office, my dick was rock hard and I was pacing as I fought what I wanted to do next. Finally after not much consideration I returned to the living room. This time I took the blanket I brought in and began to cover her, though she had one on already, I figured if she woke it would be a good excuse. I pulled it half way up on her, and then peeled both blankets up exposing her. There she lay on her back in her night shirt, she never moved. I was so close, I had to see. I lifted the nightshirt up and peered under, just enough that I could see those breasts I always wanted to see. They were perfect, very small, and appeared smaller because she laid on her back. I was so enthralled by her breasts that I barely noticed that I had exposed her panties too.

She was wearing pretty conservative while cotton panties, as I looked I could tell she didn't shave her pubes at all, the black hair was visible as a mound in he panties. Feeling bold, and not seeing a hint of movement from her I gently touched her mound, and started to slip my finger ever so gently down between her legs. I could feel the heat of her pussy as I rubbed over it.
At this point my dick was stone hard, and I needed to see more. The loose cotton panties offered me that ability, Gently I pulled them up from the waistband and I looked upon her huge bush. Let me tell you, hairy women really turned on, and she was perfect in all aspects. I reached in and just brushed her pubic hair. My needs grew more, and more I placed her waistband back, and slowly, gently spread her legs. I was able to get them spread quite wide, and still no movement from her.

With this view of her spread wide in her panties right before me I felt myself begin to climax right in my pants. When I recovered, I ran my fingers along the edge of her panties and pulled them back bringing her pussy into full view. As with her pubic hairs, I gently touched her pussy lips, and ran my finger up and down, slowly as I got no reaction I rubbed harder and harder, as I did, the moister grew and suddenly her lips opened right up for me. I began to rub my finger through her moist pussy lips, as my finger got wet I couldn't resist but to taste her juices. I sucked her juices of my finger and it was perfect, light in flavor, gentle musky smell.
I thought I was going cum again right then. But I returned to her pussy, a little more aggressive, I began to use her juices to slide my finger around her clit and it responded by standing right up hard. Her clit was larger than I have seen on other women, and was fun to tease. When I returned my finger to her pussy, it was wetter, and almost sucked my finger in as I rubbed over it. I was not finger fucking her, and she was not moving a inch.

I had all I could take and I lowered my mouth to her pussy, and began to lap up those juices, I took her clit in my mouth and began to suck it, this is the first time I her anything from her, and it was a very low moan. It startled me, and I froze as I looked up, but still no movement from her, so I returned to her pussy. As time went on I almost forgot I was eating a reluctant pussy and went at it as if it was a willing lover, I didn't regain my senses again till her legs squeezed my head in orgasm. Afterwards I looked up to see if I was busted, but she was still out, I had just given her a orgasm without her even knowing it.

At this point, I was half crazed with horniness, and I climbed on top of her, and inserted my penis in her, I swear she fucked me back, low moans, and was so wet. I shot my load in her. When I was done, I put her back as I found her, and went to bed, fantasy fulfilled.
The next morning she talked about how out of it she was, no mention of waking up messy, but I figured she just thought she'd had a very hot dream.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

blue rose

I spent the early afternoon watching porn while I played with my hairy pussy until I fell asleep.
I was awakened by the sound of thunder as I was lying on the sofa during my late-afternoon nap.I could tell the storm was getting closer because the floors shook beneath my feet with each roll of the thunder.
I was exhilarated by the electricity in the air as the lightning flashed.
I wanted to SEE the lightning and to HEAR the thunder more clearly, so I ran to the window, tied back the curtains and opened the windows so I could take in the fresh ocean breeze.
I didn’t live on the beach, but I could hear the waves crashing against the rocks as cool droplets of rain drops kissed my plump, tender flesh as the wind was blew through my shoulder length blonde curly hair, and my pale skin began to tingle. I was so moved by the power of the storm that I decided to burn some incense and put on some soft, romantic music.

As I felt the wind rushing in, I reached for some lubricant. I applied the lubricant to my hands and I pulled my feet towards my chest and I began to rub them . Then I began to rub one of my breasts, pinching my nipple until it was erect.I applied some more lubricant to my hands so I could rub my pussy. I started by rubbing my clit with my left hand in a circular motion as I used the other hand to play with my foot, becoming more and more aroused as I squeezed each toe. As I slid my fingers between each toe, my pussy started to throb.
While still rubbing my clit with my left hand, I placed my right middle finger at the entrance of my pussy hole and was just about to push my finger inside when the phone rang.
It was a familiar voice I was very happy to hear. My pussy was wet and throbbing as I listened to his voice.

I thought that he’d never suspect that I was playing with my pussy, rubbing my clit and squeezing my fingers with my pussy muscles as we spoke, imagining that I was squeezing his cock. I wanted him so badly that I though of inviting him to have phone sex with me, but then he says “ Um… I’d kind of like to see you tonight, can you come over ?”
So I grabbed my purse, got into my car and drove over to his house on the beach.
When I got out of the car, I could see he was watching me, looking me up and down.
When I walked through the door, I knew he wanted me. I admired him as I looked into his dark eyes and touched his dark curly hair . He took me into an embrace as “ Blue Roses” played softly in the background. I looked into his eyes and said “ still love me ? ” He just smiled and said “ oh, yeah !” We began to kiss and as we were kissing, I could feel my pussy getting hotter and more wet.

My nipples began to tingle as I felt them begin to harden and swell. We kissed for a while when he began to open my long, dark coat. He seemed surprised to see that I was already wearing an exotic robe with a baby doll nightie underneath. He walked behind me and began to rub my inner thigh, tugging at my panties , pulling them to one side, and then the other, but still, he did not touch my pussy. He pulled off my panties and then gently guided me to lay on the kitchen table. After I was comfortably positioned on the kitchen table, he placed my feet on the table, separated my knees and gently opened my legs . I started to shiver as I heard the sound of water dripping,, then suddenly, I felt hot water dripping against my pussy followed by a steaming hot wash cloth . I took in a deep breath, grabbed my titties, and said “ what are you doing ?”He said “ I’m shaving your pussy” as he settled into his chair. Then I felt him rubbing shaving cream all over my ass and pussy. Using a hot wash cloth, he gently pulled my clit to one side and began to shave me on one side, then the other.

I could hear the sound of the water whenever he’d dip the razor in it and shake it around.
I could feel that hot razor against my pussy and ass as he was shaving me.
When he was finished shaving me, I felt another steamy, hot wash cloth against my pussy, as he wiped away all the shaving cream. Then he began to rub my pussy as he poured hot water over it.I felt his hard cock rubbing up against my pussy as he kissed me again. My breasts were tingling, my thighs were trembling, my pussy was hot and wet, throbbing with anticipation. I wanted him so badly, I wanted to scream. I began to breathe more heavily as I rubbed my breasts. I could feel the muscles inside my pussy contracting and expanding ,and with each wave of that sensation, I wanted him more.

I began to push my hips forward, hoping his hard throbbing cock would slide into my pussy. He backed away, pulled my robe apart, and gently removed my breasts from my nighty and began to squeeze and suck on them. As I was quivering , still pushing my hips upward so I could take him in. I was whispering “ please, please, please.” He looked into my pale blue-gray eyes and covered my mouth with a kiss as he began to rub my pussy again.

As he pulled me to the edge of the table, I heard the sound of a vibrator. I wondered “ How big is it? Where is he going to put it ?”Then I felt his hands again, as he pushed up my nightie slightly above my pubic area revealing my plump abdomen.
I tried to push my nightie back down but he stopped me by kissing my abdomen. Then I felt his hands delicately rubbing lubricant on my hot, wet , freshly shaved pussy and ass.
With his thumbs, he gently pulled my pussy lips apart. I felt his warm breath against my clit, and then I felt his soft, flat tongue softly kissing my pussy. I could tell he knew what he was doing because when he was kissing my clit, he didn’t point his tongue, suck, bite or nibble. I never even felt his teeth. The only time I felt him point his tongue was when he put it inside my pussy. He said “ mmmmmmm………you got a tight little pussy !”I said “ thank you !”

I was thinking “ mmmmmmmmm………this is great ! “ I grabbed my titties and I began to pinch my nipples as I whimpered “ please, please, please, ” because I wanted him inside me so badly.
Still, he continued with his gentle brand of erotic torture. As he was kissing my clit, I felt him slide a finger inside of my pussy. I contracted my muscles and squeezed his finger as he slid his finger in and out of my pussyas he lightly massaged my ass with the vibrator, which made me kind of nervous because I was not accustomed to butt play. Finally, he began to push the vibrator inside my pussy, but just the tip of it. Each time I would push my hips forward to try and take more, he would pull the vibrator out, all the while kissing my pussy.

When I stopped pushing my hips forward, he slowly and gradually gave me more and more of the vibrator as he kissed my pussy. He reached for my hand, placed some lube on it, and told me to rub my clit, so I did. I felt his hand rubbing my ass. He asked me if I liked the way he was rubbing my ass and I said yes. He asked me if he could slide his finger into my ass and I said yes. I felt him slide his gloved finger into my ass slowly and gently , then he would take it out.He kept doing this as I was rubbing myself. Then he put my hand on the vibrator, so I began to push it harder and deeper into my pussy while he played with my ass. Just a few minutes later,I felt something else vibrating against my ass. He asked me if I liked it and I told him yes. He asked me if he could slide it into my ass and I said yes. He gently and carefully placed a small lubricated vibrating plug inside my ass while I was rubbing my clit and pushing the vibrator in and out of my pussy.There was a burning sensation inside my ass for a moment, but I got used to it and started to enjoy it.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I felt him start rubbing one of my toes.
Finally, he asked me if he could put his cock into my pussy and I said “oh, yeah !’
Then I exploded into orgasm, screaming and writhing. As the vibrating plug pulsed inside my ass, and as my pussy was aching from a mind blowing orgasm, he slid the tip of his cock inside of my swollen, wet, throbbing, hot , pussy. The head of his big hard , black throbbing cock was thick so my pussy hole was hurting, so I began to cry out, but he hushed my cries with a kiss. I tried to take him in deeper so my pussy hole would stop hurting, but he kept teasing me.
Finally , I begged him to give me all of it. He teased me some more, and then he shoved his thick cock inside my pussy as hard as he could, as far as it would go.

I started screaming , so he asked me if I wanted him to stop. I didn’t say anything, I just pulled him closer again. I began to squeeze his cock with my pussy muscles as he continued to tease me. He would put the head in, and then take it out, then he would thrust me really hard and then go back to gentle thrusting while I played with my clit. All the while, he was pinching my nipples, kissing my breasts, and rubbing my feet.We kissed as he continued to thrust himself into me and I loved the way he felt inside of me, but my pussy was getting so sore I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I asked him if he wanted to try to cum in my ass.
I told him that I never had anal sex before and to please be careful. He pulled his cock out of my pussy and began to carefully and gently remove the vibrating plug from my ass.
He lubricated my ass, put on a condom, and began to massage my ass with the head of his cock.
I put my feet on his shoulders, reached down and grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them apart.
He allowed me to slowly grind into his cock as I bore down while he was gently massaging my ass with his cock. Finally, I could feel the head of his cock sliding into my ass and I felt a burning sensation. I told him it was hurting me , so he gently pulled his cock out of my ass.
He started to massage my pussy and ass some more, and after a few minutes, I told him I was ready for him to try again. I pulled my ass cheeks apart and bore down a little and as he massaged my ass with the head of his cock. Gradually and slowly, the head of his cock slipped into my lubricated ass.I screamed and I was in pain at first, but it was not a sharp, sudden or terrible pain, the pain was from the gradual stretching. I continued to try to relax and breathe deeply. Finally, his cock went a little further into my ass. He grabbed my titties and started pinching my nipples.

The muscles in my pussy and ass were contracting and expanding and I started to moan and wiggle my ass even more. Gently, he massaged his way deeper and deeper into my ass as I pulled my ass cheeks apart as I rotated my hips until I was full of him.
He wiggled his hips while he was deep inside me and then he began to pull and push gently in and out of my ass. After a while, he pulled his cock out of my ass and began to massage my ass with the head of his penis. I raised my hips, bore down on my muscles and rubbed my ass up against the head of his cock, but he just kept rubbing my ass. Finally he smiled, lubricated my ass again with his gloved finger, and gently pushed the head of his cock back into my ass.
He said “ mmmmmmmm……….you got such a tight little rosebud.!”
Then he grabbed my breasts and started moaning, pushing himself in deeper and deeper again while I rubbed my clit.

He stopped for a while and just teased my ass with the head of his penis. I started whimpering… “ it hurts, it hurts” because my ass was getting sore so he pulled out and lubricated my tight red swollen ass again. I looked up at the mirror above the bed and I could see a tiny stream of reddish- pink liquid slowly dripping from my tiny red swollen ass hole.
At this point, I realized that my ass hole had been slightly torn apart by his thick, bulging black cock. He kept rubbing my ass hole, and putting lube inside of it. I started to protest but he kissed me again, and as he was kissing me, he was still massaging my ass with his fingers. I looked up at the mirror above the bed and I watched him, sliding his gloved fingers in and out of my tiny red swollen ass hole as reddish-pink liquid continued to drip out of it.
Finally, I was beginning to relax, so I pulled my ass cheeks apart again, and bore down again. He massaged the head of his thick black cock into my blood red ass hole again. I screamed and writhed with pain. He asked me if I wanted him to stop, and my ass hole felt like it was ripping apart, but I said “ no, don’t stop.”

I looked up at the mirror again and began to rub my pussy. I could see his thick black cock sliding in and out of my blood red ass hole. I started screaming and he stopped and silenced my screaming with a kiss. My blood red ass hole was throbbing, & my pussy was dripping wet.
He put the vibrator in my hand and told me to push it into my pussy while he pounded my blood red ass hole with his thick black cock, so I did. I looked up at the mirror and watched myself.
I slid the vibrator into my pussy and then took it all the way out so I could watch his cock moving in and out of my blood red ass hole. He poured some more lube on my clit and told me to rub it so I did. Some of the lube slid down around my ass hole and filled it with a burning sensation.
I was filled with sensations of pleasure and pain, I wanted him to stop, and at the same time, I wanted him to go deeper and deeper inside my blood red ass. My ass hole was burning and stinging and aching so badly that I began to writhe, as I thought to myself, “ how can so much pain give me so much pleasure at the same time ?” ………then I started screaming…… “ I’m cumming , I‘m cumming ! ”

He moaned loudly with a look of pain on his face and stopped moving as my swollen, blood red ass hole gripped his thick cock in pulsing waves . He reached down and started playing with my pussy again. It was throbbing from the anal orgasm I’d just had. I begged him , “ no, my pussy is so sore.” He began to kiss me, rubbing my pussy. Then I felt a burning pain as he pulled his cock out of my swollen ass hole and I screamed.He changed condoms and slipped the head of his cock inside my pussy. He said “ mmmmmm. “ your pussy is tighter than ever.”
He put my hand on my pussy and said “ put your fingers inside your pussy .”
So I did. I felt hotter and tighter and more swollen than I was earlier. He took my hand away and teased me with the head of his cock for what seemed like hours. I laid there watching in the mirror as he pinched my nipples and pumped the head of his cock in and out of my pussy hole.
Then suddenly, he shoved his cock into my pussy so hard that tears came to my eyes.
He asked me if I wanted him to stop, but I said no.
I thought to myself “ should I ask him to put his cock inside my blood red asshole, or should I just endure this vicious pumping ?”

After a while, my pussy started burning and aching so badly that I thought I wanted him to stretch my blood red ass with his thick black cock again while standing behind me, maybe that would make him cum, maybe then the pain would stop, yet I still wanted him inside of me, so I said “ darlin’ I think I want you to take me from behind. ”But he teased me again by inserting the vibrating butt plug inside my ass , then he shoved his cock inside my pussy as hard as he could and began to thrust my pussy harder and harder. He’d ram his cock into me so hard I’d scream my head off as my eyes welled up with tears, then when his cock was inside me as far as it would go, he’d wiggle his hips from side to side, scratching my pussy with his coarse , dark, curly pubic hair. Finally, he took mercy on my poor throbbing swollen pussy and pulled out.
I got off the bed , bent over , and pulled my ass cheeks apart. He slipped the vibrating plug out and I started rubbing my pussy as I bore down a little.

He drizzled some more lubricant on my tiny swollen ass hole and I could feel the liquid entering the little tears around my ass hole, burning and stinging. Then he said “ tell me you want me to slip my cock in your ass .” I remained quiet. Again, he said, “ tell me you want me to slip my cock in your ass.”I remained silent.
So , he pushed the tip of his finger into my swollen, blood red ass hole, and started rotating it as he slid a finger in and out of my pussy.
Then he took his finger out of my pussy and kept rotating the tip of his finger in my swollen ass, teasing me, taunting me, forcing me to beg him to pump my blood red swollen ass hole again.
I started to whimper. He said “ tell me you want me to slip my cock in your ass”
The burning and stinging caused from his finger tip rotating in my ass hole just got worse and worse.I wanted him to stop teasing me and just slip his cock into my blood red swollen ass again, push it gently , deep inside of me, so finally I said “ slip your cock into my ass.”
He said “ say PLEASE !” as he twisted his finger tip inside my tiny blood red ass hole, so I said “PLEASE slip your cock into my ass.”At that moment, he pulled his finger tip out of my swollen , blood red ass hole. I knew what was coming, and I knew it was going to hurt worse than before. I had mixed feelings of anticipation and dread as he began to massage his thick, hard cock into my hot, throbbing, swollen ass AGAIN !

He pushed my ass cheeks apart and gently slipped his thick head into my throbbing, swollen, blood red ass hole, so I started screaming “it hurts, it hurts !!!!”
My blood red ass burned and throbbed as the lubricant was stinging the tiny tears in my ass hole as he started gently pumping my ass hole .He stopped and asked me if I wanted him to take it out, but….. I said no. I felt so many sensations. Pain, pleasure , and everything in between. I wanted him to stop, but I wanted him to go deeper into me all at the same time.
He reached forward and grabbed one of my breasts as he began to massage his cock deeper into my ass slowly and gently. After a while, he began to thrust me harder and faster.

My legs began to shake as I felt him getting harder and hotter inside my burning, swollen, blood red ass. Tears came to my eyes as I rubbed my pussy, and I exploded into orgasm again as he moaned loudly and came inside my ass.
My stretched swollen blood red ass was throbbing so hard he let out a loud painful moan.
He didn’t move an inch for a while. I laid my head down on the pillow and pulled my ass cheeks apart as he gently pulled his cock out of my ass , and I screamed out again because it hurt so bad. I nearly passed out as I collapsed on the bed. I could see reddish-pink liquid all over the white satin …….the evidence of my ass cherry. I was so dizzy I could barely stand up.
He bent over me, pushed my hair to the side kissed the back of the neck.
Then he helped me to steady myself, we went to wash ourselves, and then he took me by the hand and led me down the hall.

We talked, kissed, cuddled and curled up to take a short nap.
I awakened to the sensation of his hand rubbing my swollen, wet, hot pussy. I said “ oh, no, I can’t , I’m so sore!” To keep him from pumping my swollen pussy or blood red ass hole again, I told him I wanted to suck his cock. He laid down on his back as I knelt between his legs.
I reached down and held his cock with one hand and playfully licked the head of it, while I used the other hand to play with his balls. He started moving his hips and so I cupped my lips over my teeth and took his cock deeper into my mouth ever so gently.He started to moan. Then he spread his legs wider and asked me to play with his ass.
I inserted a lubricated, gloved finger into his ass and gently pushed my finger upwards in a circular motion. I could feel his ass squeezing my finger so I gently massaged a lubricated vibrator plug into his ass. He started moving his hips faster and faster.
I repositioned myself into 69 position, took his cock into my mouth and rotated my tongue around the head of his cock while sliding my mouth up and down simultaneously as the vibrating plug was pulsing inside his ass. He slipped a gloved, lubricated finger into hot, throbbing pussy.
I started to moan.

Then he slipped a gloved, lubricated finger into my sore, throbbing star. My pussy and ass were hurting so badly, yet I did not want him to stop. I started moaning louder as I was sucking his cock because of the pain. He kept getting harder and harder and moving his hips faster and faster.I felt the veins of his thick cock against my lips and tongue.I began to taste his cum. It was sweet , salty and warm. Finally, he screamed “ I’m gonna cum !” so I stopped moving my head and he exploded into my mouth. I swallowed every last drop of his honey. We took off our gloves and collapsed into another long nap. I awakened to the sensation of his hand rubbing my swollen, red hot pussy….I looked up at him and said “oh , PLEASE no, I’m so sore !”
He just smiled and kissed me as he slipped a lubricated finger into my hot, wet , swollen……….

Saturday, January 12, 2008

the horse whip

Ellie stood there in the school stables. She wasn't a very good rider she'd admitted that to herself along time ago. She'd never been that good ever since she had an accident when she was seven years old. The horse had been stung by a bee and cantered off with her still in the saddle, she didn't like riding after that and now eleven years on still wasn't any different. But yet the nuns at the catholic boarding school she attended insisted she keep trying, even though she was leaving later on that year for college they thought she should get over her fear. Of course arguing because you were eighteen and could do what ever you liked wouldn't exactly go down well with the nuns. She had needed a tutor to help her but none of the regular riding guys could. Not that she'd blame them, she didn't feel the best about herself in that respect. She looked good she'd admit that but she just didn't have the confidence.
She had long, slightly curly, light brown hair, it went down to her waist and framed the creamy skin of her face. With high cheek bones and huge green eyes, she'd call herself not bad looking, but she felt better when she was with female company. But then again she didn't have much of a choice. The school she was in was an all girl one the only guys there were, were the priests and the stable hands.
Sister Jessup had told her Bridget would meet her down at the stable to help her. Bridget was in the same class, year and sleeping block as her, she was beautiful like Ellie but in opposite ways, having almost like a gleaming gold shine to her shoulder length, straight hair, a small nose and deep blue eyes. She was a lot of opposites Ellie thought since Bridget was pure confidence, maybe Sister Jessup thought some of it might rub off onto her. Bridget was a good rider too, see amazed nearly everyone with her talent, that's why Ellie supposed she was helping her.
Before Ellie hand come out to the stable she had put up her hair in a low pony tail, to both keep it out of the way while at the same time have a helmet on her head. She also put on a pair of baggy, old, faded jeans with a big tear in the left knee matched with a big, navy, sports sweater on to keep warm, completed by her tan boots.
Just then she heard a noise come from the front outside the stable door. She had been waiting in the main part of the new stable where the horses would be transferred to soon, fresh hay had been put down in preparation but no moves yet. She walked out into the small court yard out the front of the stable block and saw Bridget with her back towards her saddling up Missy, a chestnut coloured horse. Bridget had come wearing a hot pink cardigan sweater top and pair of black jeans matched with her black riding boots, her golden hair separated into pig tails behind her black velvet helmet. She had just finished sorting out Missy when she turned around a smile on her face, she must have heard her come up behind because she handed her a whip before she saw it was her. Then she handed over a helmet.
"Come on Elle, lets get you saddled up" she said a smile on her face.
"Er, I think your confused my name is Ellie"
"I know, I was just shortening it, you don't mind do you?" she said sincerely.
"N-no of course, it's just some people-"
"Don't worry about what people say, it shouldn't matter. But I'm glad you don't think I'm one of those people"
"N-no of course not"
"Good" she said taking Ellie's hand "Lets get you saddled up then" she said helping he onto the horse.
Bridget noticing her stiff frame as she led Missy into the riding pen, halted the horse, then looked at Ellie. Ellie could tell she could she the fear that had sketched into her eyes as soon as the had sat on the horse. But she smiled.
"Try not to be scared Elle, horses can sense your fear, and when your tense like that they know you don't trust them, so they don't trust you either. And that is accidents happen." Ellie stiffened even more at the thought of an accident happening. Bridget seeing this started to rub her back, as soon as Bridget's hand touched her, just like when she was helping to get her on Missy that warm feeling settled a feeling her stomach. God she hoped Bridget didn't know what was going on with her she thought her body becoming rigid against Bridget's hand. Feeling it Bridget looked up. Put her hand on each side of the saddle and hauled herself up.
"Right" she said placing herself behind Ellie. Then placing her hands on Ellie's hips. Ellie hardened not knowing what to do.
"Right" Bridget repeated, then she continued "the best way to calm yourself down and un-tensing muscles is simply to thing about something else. Something that had nothing to do with fear. Sometimes it's showing you how the horse moves, so you can get you rhythm, showing you that it's safe. We'll try that one first" she said he hands gripping Ellie's hips harder.
"You've seen people ride yeah?"
"yeah" she choked out, trying not to feel the heat of Bridget's fingers pressing into her hips.
"You've seen them trot?"
"Well they move their hips in a rhythm, here let me show you" she said started to move her hips, circling towards Ellie, then her fingers were urging her on "Go on try it" Bridget whispered breathlessly in her ear. So she did. Bridget's hips grinding against hers at the same time. Her cunt getting wet through her blue jeans, grinding hard and harder against Missy's saddle. Then she stopped suddenly feeling colour rush to her cheeks, she was so close- and it wasn't suppose to be that what she was feeling at all. Shame boiled in her.
"I see we're going to have to try a different tactic" Ellie felt guilty, she hadn't even been thinking about the horse and she hand relaxed, but she could tell her that she would want to know what she was thinking about, then she would laugh, then she would- oh! Bridget's hands moved. Quickly. From her hips to the wetness in-between her legs, pressing, feeling the wet denim.
"So..." she said her voice smiling "... that's why you stopped..." she breathed in Ellie's ear "... you were excited..." she said pressing harder causing a helpless moan to escape Ellie's lips. "... you wanted this ..." she said rubbing her index fingers along the increasingly wet denim. "... well maybe..." she started, moving her left hand, leaving her right one still placed on the wetness near her cunt. Moving it to the top of her waistband slipping her fingers underneath "... this will..." he fingers going beneath the elastic band of her white cotton panties "... help you..." her fingers trailing around her pubic hair, twirling her fingers around the curls "... ride with confidence" with that last word she slipped her finger past her pussy lips and into her sleek wetness, grazing Ellie's clit with her thumb, Bridget used her other hand to rub her through her rough trousers, pushing her hand further along her front creases until the side of one of Ellie's ass cheeks, rubbing gently. The sensations washing over her, her head went back to Bridget's shoulder. Then her hands stilled, leaving Ellie unfulfilled and a small protest came out.
"You want more?" Bridget smiled "I know you want more, tell me you want more, you want more?!"
"Yes, oh god yes!" as soon as she said that Bridget removed the hand that was teasing her a ass cheek and held onto the rains as moved the horse into a trot , her hand and fingers still tightly imbedded in Ellie's cunt. Each trot of the horse causing Bridget's finger to move more and more, Ellie gripping Bridget's thighs as they stopped outside the new stables, gasped as she came all over Bridget's delicate fingers. Slipping her hand out of her underwear and jeans, gripped her hips and swung herself down, helping Ellie down at the same time, then tying Missy to a post right next to it.
"You want more. So lets give you more" she said with a smug smile, taking Ellie by the hand and leading her into the stable- pulling her into a stall Bridget pulled out a old faded, flannel blanket and laid in on the fresh straw. Pulling Ellie into the center on the blanket Bridget pulled Ellie to her and kissed her firmly on the lips, Ellie gasped from within the embrace, slightly opening her mouth. Bridget took advantage of her shock, pushing her tongue past Ellie's teeth and moulding it with her own tongue, sucking in her bottom lip, Bridget gently bit it, pulling the bobble out of her low pony tail, Ellie moved her hands from Bridget's shoulders to undo her helmet. Bridget placed her hands over it, stopping her in the process.
"No, I like it" she said trying to get her breath back, putting her hand to Ellie's hair and spreading out the curls. Then he hand slipped from her back past her shoulders, to rest on Ellie's breasts through the woollen material. Ellie could feel them beading under Bridget's touch, she began to rub around them, missing the tips, leaving them aching to fulfilment. Then as quickly as her hands were there they were gone and climbing underneath her big shapeless jumper, whipping it clear off her head and past the still intact velvet black helmet, revealing Ellie's cotton 34C bra. Bridget's fingers going straight for Ellie's erect nipples. She had never gone this far not even with a guy, oh god but it felt good. Snapping her bra to reveal her breasts to her, Bridget nuzzled them with her face.
"Lie down" she said into her breasts. Obediently Ellie lay on the old blanket, Bridget went straight for her baddy jeans, pulling them down with her panties past her dark curls and further down her smooth thighs and firm calves, tugging them past the tan boots on Ellie's feet. The cool air in contact with her pale skin gave her goose bumps of pleasure, beside her boots on and helmet Ellie was completely naked, Bridget stood up, and Ellie raised herself on her knees, moving her hands up her legs on the firm black denim, tugging them until the feel past her knees were a black riding boots came up to. Pushing Ellie back down to the blanket, Bridget shoved her jeans and the panties that had been pulled down with them clear off and mounted Ellie, sitting slightly Bridget's naked bare cunt connected together, throwing while she was at it her pink sweater to reveal a hot pink silk bra. Grabbing Ellie's hands she thrust them onto her 36Ds, causing the front clasp to burst open, Bridget's breasts and pink, swollen nipples spilling into Ellie's hands.
Ellie rubbed- just like Bridget did for her, surround the nipple while never touching it unless to give a slight flick, Bridget's cheeks pink with frustration she collapsed onto Ellie, he mouth going straight for her engorged nipples causing Ellie to cry out in delight at the awareness sweeping over body, Bridget nibbled on Ellie's teat making her groan, then she sat up, wrapping her black booted leg around Ellie's tan ankle booted one she grinded her cunt against hers, making shouts of joy pass through both their mouths until their inflamed pussy lips spilt their wet juicy cum on each others thighs. Bridget collapsed onto Ellie's knee her ribs resting on the top of the knee, then she was gone and next Ellie saw she was kneeling in-between Ellie's open legs with a whip in the right hand, flicking it slightly with her left.
She couldn't believe this was happening, Bridget picked up the small whip, shimmering it gently over her clit making her residue drip onto it, Ellie's breath catching in her throat coming out as gasps as she felt herself get closer and closer, then it was inside her, pushing and pushing- till it got to her resistance, then with a brief shot of pain it was though, cringing with slight pain. The whip had slipped through her wet and slippery folds, tickling her swollen insides with it's tip. Throwing her head back she closed her eyes, almost fighting the sensations shaking her body to it's core. Her breathing was layered, coming out in gasps, seeming as if the air couldn't find her body fast enough, she could feel Bridget's left hand resting on inner part of her right thigh. Then she could feel calloused finger-tips on her clit again. Strong fingers big fingers. Clutching the sides of the rough blanket, she held on.
"Yes! ... Oh yessss!" her own heart beat pulsing in her ears, blocking off every other sound, while at the same time bucking against both the fingers and whip that was surrounded by her inflamed cunt.
"Oh, OH! GOD!, oh yes" she squealed the thrill having this object that she never wished to use on horse was being used on her.
"You like that?!" Bridget hissed, almost breathless. Some Ellie could tell she was turn on by what she was doing too.
"God yes! Oh Lord!!! Pressing it in further I'm going to cum!! OH!"
"Now, now..." Bridget started trying to grab back her breath, Ellie hearing the smile in her voice "That's blasphemy"
Ellie couldn't help it, the smile turned into a laugh, that laugh soon turned into moans of pleasure as the tip of the whip seemed to flick around inside her.
The whip going in, and out, and back, the fingers almost tickling her clit, then suddenly squeezing was almost like Bridget was milking her, her juices spilling on the rod, still deeply imbedded in her tunnel. Her cum dripping on the handle of the whip and the finger-tips that had given her so much pleasure. She started to descend, then she thought about Bridget's hands, one hand to hold the whip and the other was still resting on her thigh, who did the fingers of the other person belong to, her eyes fluttered open.
It was a stable boy, he was about twenty in age, or at least that was what she could tell through her dazed eyes. He saw her look up, he smiled. One hand now motionless on her clit, her cum still on his fingers, then she saw his hand undone his jeans, his hand on his large cock, leaving the end in clear view, his cum all over his left hand. He pulse had been bang so hard in her ears she hadn't heard his grunts of pleasure. But from were he had stood by the door he was now on his knees next to Bridget. Of course they had left the horse out! He had probably put Missy away and heard them. He had taken off his shirt and his jeans were hanging past his buttocks opened were his cock had been thrust out.
"Mark wanted to join in. I knew you would mind" Bridget said with a smile.
Just Mark grabbed the rod of the whip and Bridget let go causing a moan to growl in her throat "My turn" he said with a devious smile. Bridget leaned on Mark's back and stroked his ass. Slipping the whip out, he looked at the mix between the blood and cum that christened the flimsy tip. He licked it and looked at her again. Surging forward his head sank between her legs, making her gasp as his tongue played with her clit. Bridget was pulling his jeans down more, followed by his underwear, they went to his knees. Bridget nibbling on his ass, as he licked and nibbled at Ellie's clit. Sucking on the swollen bud, he pressed his tongue into her cunt causing her juices to spill, again and again as it probed her insides. Cumming into his mouth, Mark swallowing her sweet nectar as it flowed from her. He rose on his knees, Bridget still behind him playing with his nipples, making them stand on their peaks.
Then he grabbed Ellie's ass and pulled her to him pulling her on top of his cock and impaling her on it. The shock of the quick entry taking the breath out of her lungs momentarily as he thrust into, gripping onto her ass cheeks moving her in the rhythm you would to ride, over and over, harder and harder.
"Come on" he groaned, fingers skimming the red flesh were his fingers had been on her ass. He began to slap. "Oh!" she exclaimed as adrenalin burst in her. "Ride me, baby" he slapped her ass again, surging her higher and higher. She grabbed the back of his head as he thrust over and over. "Harder!" she growled in his ear "Harder!!!" she squealed as Bridget came around to her as pushed her further down impaling herself on him more. Bridget using one hand to play with one of nipples as he bit the other, still thrust further and further into her- just when she thought she would split in two she came, bright light filling her eyes, her hearing muffled he came, emptying his creamy cum inside her tunnel. She fell back, dizziness clouded over her and sleep took over as blackness went over her eyes.
Waking up a few hours later she was dressed again and lying on the old blanket. Her helmet and whip were next to her- she took them and got Missy from a nearby stall. She went round the pen, now she could ride. Taking her around in a trot she saw Bridget and Mark standing at the gate. Smiling she went one more round the course, the sun setting in the distance. She rode with confidence.

Friday, January 11, 2008

wants me

My wife Pat and I have Known Karen and John our dear friends for many years , I have always fancied Karen as she is tall 6’ 5” at least and has legs that seam to go on forever and show‘s them off by wearing short skirts, She has dark brown hair and very nice size tit’s she would put some models in the shade if she wanted to, I have always been envious of John as Pat is only 5’5” and well built . Don’t get me wrong I love her to bits but would love to make love to someone with a body like Karen’s.

Pat and I are more like Brother and sister in our marriage as we only kiss and cuddle and have not had sex for months Pat seams to have just gone off it. So I often have a wank when she is out often thinking of what I would do to Karen if only I had the bottle to make the first move.
Well One day Pat was out and Karen called to see her I said that she was out and would she like to come in and wait as I was sure she would not be long, Karen when though to the living room and I put the kettle on we are such good friends that we treat each others house’s like our own. So when I when into the front room Karen had put the TV on and was playing about with the remote and she started the DVD player I forgot the I had a porn film still in there from the night before.

When it started Karen gave me a look and a smile and said “O” you two watch these to do you I said No only me Pat dose not like them, Karen said John’s the same he dose not like them so are you like me watch them by yourself and wank off?? My mouth dropped open at that and spluttered “yes” in the years I had known them I had never heard Karen talk like that , I took the remote and went to turn if off but Karen said leave it on if you want I don’t think I have seen this one so I did ,after making the tea I sat in a chair next to the sofa where Karen was sitting and my Cock was starting to get hard inside my pants, Karen Patted the seat next to her and said I won’t bite you know and with the most wicked grin said Unless you want me to that is.
I said stop teasing me I dream of such things happening with that Karen asked how long Pat was going to be I was just going to say any time now when the Phone rang , It was Pat saying that she was stuck in town and would be at least three hours or more , I told Karen this and I thought she was going to leave but instead patted the seat beside her again and said we might as well watch this then as it will make a change having someone with me.

After a while my cock was bursting at the seams trying to free it’s self and I kept moving to try to get comfortable when Karen lent over and just undone my zip and took out my hard cock and licked her lips and placed her mouth over my cock forcing my foreskin back with her teeth as she slid more and more into her willing mouth. I gently placed a hand on the back of her head and started to fuck her face I closed my eyes and was just letting out low moans of pleasure .
I then pulled Karen up from my throbbing cock and stood up and just took off my clothes Karen said that my cock looked fantastic and much bigger than John’s , I took her hand and pulled her up and slowly undress her pulling her t-shirt over her head and for the first time caught sight of her breast’s in the half cup bra she was wearing, and I took a Sharpe in take of breath as they came into view and lent forward and kiss the soft flesh I could see her nipples getting harder and pushing against the bra so I undid it to let then free , I had never seen such a fantastic pair of tits and to be able to cup them in my hands and play with the nipple was out of this world.
I lent forward and sucked one nipple into my mouth and bit it gently making Karen moan and she started to breath heavy , while I was playing with her tits Karen lowered her hand and placed it around my cock and slowly started to wank me .

We carried on like this for a few minutes then I dropped to my knees and undid the side zip to her Mini skirt and as it fell to the floor, I was in for the biggest surprise of all this fantastic woman had no knickers on she was now just standing there in stocking and a black frilly suspender belt My mouth hit the floor I just could not believe my luck ,
Karen had a shaven fanny and without waiting I just pushed my face into it and my tongue hit her clit first time sending a shiver though her body Karen placed her hands on the back of her head and opened her legs further so I could get my mouth onto her pussy easier , She was now forcing my head hard against her my tongue was flicking her clit and I was drinking her juices down , I was also running my hands up and down the inside of her long, long legs I brought one hand up and ran my fingers along her slit and without warning I pushed two fingers into her and Karen’s legs nearly gave away as a orgasm went though her.

I could feel her fanny walls grip my fingers as the orgasm went on and on, Karen let go of my head and fell back onto the sofa behind her saying it was the first orgasm she had had for months that she had not brought on, and that John did not want sex that much , I said what a fucking idiot if she was my wife I would be fucking her most nights , she said how often do Pat and I have sex I said about three months ago was the last time.

I said that’s enough talking come here and I pulled her so she was sitting on the edge on the sofa which made her pussy push into the air a bit more and I once again place two fingers into her and Karen laid back and closed her eyes as I started to pump my fingers in and out of her she was getting so wet again I place a third finger into her and raised myself up so I could now start on her tits again ,
Karen started to thrust about forcing herself up onto my fingers as I thrust them into her and I could sense it would not be long before she came again so taking my fingers out of her soaking wet pussy and placing my fingers into her mouth she licked them clean .
As she was doing this I got between her legs and with one hard thrust entered her sending my full length into her right up until my balls banged her arse then pulling out until just the tip was just in her hole and forcing myself in once more.
Karen was shouting fuck me you bastard fuck me hard. Who was I to say know to this woman I placed my hands under her bum and forced myself into her as hard and fast as I could , Karen put her legs around me and crossed then behind me something Pat could not do as her legs were not long enough , Karen was now helping me fuck her even harder we were both shouting out in pleasure and I said I am going to come , Karen shout out come on them shoot it up as far as you can I want your fucking load deep inside me.

I forced myself into her three or four more times and with one last push I held myself in as far as my Cock would go and empted my balls of cum inside her we kissed as my cock pumped and pumped inside her filling her up. I knew she had not quite reached her third orgasm yet so after we finished kissing I pulled out of her and went back to licking her out and I was drinking my own cum with her dripping fanny juice and I was sucking her clit into my mouth and biting it and licking it , This sent her over the top once more as yet one more Orgasm ripped thought her , I sat up next to her and we were both panting for breath but Karen lent forward and lick my now limp cock dry and came up and we had a very long kiss and a cuddle .
Karen left about half hour later vowing to return another time when she knew Pat would be out . I can not wait.



Naomi an 18 year old girl from down the street was babysitting for us every other tuesday. The last months or so she had developped into that phase between girl and woman. The looks almost entirely a woman, her acts switching between that of a child and woman.One day I came home early and tried to be silent entering the house not to wake up the kids. I called Naomi but did not see her. I went upstairs and found her in our bed. Dressed in my wife's nightgown snuggling with my pillow, dressed with the T-shirt I wore that day before going out.

She was shocked, and shamed and just stared to the floor apologizing. There was no need to hide that I took a look at her breast which was exposed.It was awkward, I was turned on, but there was no thought in my mind of acting upon my arrousal. What to say, what to do? I sat down next to her and asked her why she was in our bedroom dressed like this. This question had to be repeated in a more forceful way, before she answered. She had always seen me as the grown up, a fatherfigure and something like an uncle. The last half year she really felt she was not a child anymore so her view of me changed as well. I had become a man, the lover of my wife. Combined with the liking for me she always had, she had fantasied being my wife.Last two tuesdays she had gone to our bedroom and had lived her fantasy in a more realistic way. Now she was still turned on by her actions, was embarrassed and was fearful that I would see her as the irresponsible babysitter that appeared to be too young to babysit.

After assuring her, this was not the case and that I would go downstairs and give her the opportunity to get dressed and then we would both forget about everyrhing, she was relieved. She jumped up, looked me in the eyes and hugged me in a friendly way. The nightgown fell open and I had a full view of her breasts while she bent over to me. I tried to hide my growing excitement.After that episode there was an intimacy, a shared secret. Naomi and I were buddies.6 weeks later I came home early again. Somewhere I had a slight feeling of disappointment that she was just sitting on the couch watching TV. I sat down next to her and made a joke: "no secret bedplays this time" and she answered: "not yet"... She looked as if she could not believe that she had said what she had said, and looked miserable. Jokingly I tried to take the pressure of the moment and responded: "please feel free, shall I just wait here for you, or do you need the shirt I'm wearing". The situation remained a bit uncomfortable, I paid her and we said goodbye. At the door she turned around and said: don't tease me like I'm a little girl. Now I felt ashamed and told her that for me the situation was also confusing. That she was not the little girl anymore who could join in play-fighting with the kids, since I no longer felt comfortable to grab here without having to worry where my hands were located, no tickling etc..

I told her I missed her being a little kid and on the other hand admired here for growing up as a beautiful woman. With woman different rules apply than with little girls. Again she hugged me and told me that she understood, that she missed fighting and holding me as well. Bursting out with laughter she said: "I'm holding you while telling you I miss holding you, that's funny". She kept her head against my shoulder. "So you think I'm beautiful? My breasts are smaller than your wife's, I tried her bra." I told her that beauty could be measured in other ways than cup size alone, that the shape and texture of a breast are more important and that breast were not the only defining feature of a woman and that she should stay away from my wife's lingerie.

Then I told her laughingly to get home immediately, because I did not like the direction of the conversation. She ran away, turned, came back, kissed me on the cheek and just a touch of the corner of my mouth and said: "your pants tell me you do like the direction of the discussion." With that bombshell she turned again and was skipping her way home.The next couple of nights I had some improper dreams and became worried I would mention Naomi's name during a dream. I don't think I did because my wife never mentioned it. Two weeks later my wife told me that two nephews of our kids would stay for the night and that she had forgotten she was on call for work and would not be home. She told me she had called Naomi to assist me, she hade made the guestroom for Naomi so she could help me with breakfast as well. I reddened, my wife misinterpreted that and told me not to worry cause Naomi would replace her very well. "I'm sure she will, dear" I answered.That evening Naomi came in at 5, she played with all 5 kids and gave me room to prepare the meal. When we were all finished, the kids wanted to fight me and they made a castle from the couch, some chairs and a blanket. Then they thought about a story where a beautiful princes was saved from a brutal king in a castle by a young handsome prince. Naomi had to be the beautiful princes, i told the kids that all Naomi needed was a crown since she was already beautiful. I immediatly received a big kiss for that remark. I became the roll of the brutal king, on which Naomi commented, I would like your father to be the brutal king. The 5 kids would together be the handsome prince. I had to look fearceful sitting upon Naomi and pinning her arms with mine. When I was in position, Naomi told the kids that they first could have a cookie from the jar in the kitchen and that we would remain in this position until they came back. "I will only take my sweater of because I'm hot she said" and that she did.

For a minute or two I was sitting upon her, seeing her nipples through her shirt, not knowing what to do with my hands. Her hands rested on my legs close to my loins where her thumbs were casually caressing me. I felt too much blood going to my loins and my dick was growing, it found a position closer and closer to her right thumb. Than the kids came back, they wrestled me and rescued the beautiful princess. at 8 the kids were in bed, Naomi and I came down the stairs. We played some games at the table and after a while she wanted to watch a movie, so went to the couch. The movie was scary and she came closer and repeatedly she burried her face in my chest not to see a a scene. I put one hand around her shoulder, then she started to turn away from me, by her turning my hand slipped to her left breast and I lifted my hand. She asked: "please, don't let go, it's scary". I put my hand on her shoulder again and she started to turn again. With fascination I saw I started to hold a firm 18 year old breast. I massaged it very gently and she put her hand on my leg again. When she actually touched my dick, it was rock hard and I jumped."This is wrong," I said "you need a boy your own age to gradually discover the fun of sexual attraction and I'm happily married.

Sexually I passed second base already decades ago and I can not turn back."She said she had thought about that and that she was not prepared to fuck but since she really wanted me she would perform oral and manual sex and that she would be open to receive likewise. She looked in my eyes and started to unbutton my pants pulling me closer to the couch. I felt shaky and told her so. "You sit down on the couch then" she said and she kneeled in front of me. She pulled my boxershort down and kissed my dick. She looked at me and asked me for instructions since she wanted to do it right the first time. I gave her the list my turn-on's. 1) Give me the feeling that you really want it and that you enjoy it.2) Show me that you want me to have pleasure by looking at me and by reacting to my sounds and movements.3) A blowjob concerns not just the top of the dick, but all of it, the balls and all the surrounding areas.4) Warm me up with a striptease and give oral sex, just with your panties on.5) Give me a view of your breasts and when I try to reach them or your pussy, help me eagerly6) Show that you try to deepthroat me but don't overdo it. gagging does not work for me7) Swallow.I could have skipped all but no. 7, because I was so hot that I came immediately.

She swallowed and continued to work the list. So I had to ask her for a break. She lay down next to me, so I could carress her breasts. She got me a beer, took a sip and kissed me, letting the beer dribble into my mouth. After half an hour, she got down on her knees again, she remembered my list well and I was better prepared. She sucked my cock for half an hour and then I took her pony tail and started to face fuck her. Her eyes got wide so I stopped and asked her if she was OK. She said she was supprised by my force but that she wanted me to go on. So I put my cock back in her mouth, had both hands on her cute head and fucked her face good. After me coming and her swallowing, she thanked me,..., she thanked me. An 18 year gorgeous looking girl thanked me for fucking her face.That night we slept both in the guestroom, I Iicked her pussy and watched her come and come again. She asked me to fuck her. When I declined she offered a try at her ass. I asked if she really wanted that. She said; no. I fell asleep while she was licking my balls after I came for the third time in her mouth that night. At six I went to my own bed and was awakened by my wife (returned from the hospital) and Naomi who had together prepared me a breakfast on bed."How did Naomi do" my wife asked and I told her she could help out a next time without a problem.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

bisexual experience

I had to stop by a customer’s house to fix one minor detail on a shelving unit I installed and my girlfriend told me she’d wait in the truck while I did it. It would only take 10 minutes I told Clara.

After going upstairs I realized it would take about 3 times what I told her and initially she sat patiently in the truck while waiting for me. Now my customer wasn’t home but her daughter was and she knew who I was s she happily let me in.

Clara who is 4 years younger then me suddenly hard to pee so she got out of my truck went to the door and knocked on it. I ignored it figuring it was someone else. Mrs. Johnson’s daughter who is 21 and my girlfriend who is 22 seemed to hit it off, but they hit it off too well.

I know Clara’s sexy and I always thought RenĂ© Johnson was hot too but never once did I see any chemistry happening between the two. I wasn’t thinking there would be to begin with. Upstairs tooling with the cabinet I was oblivious to what was happening.

What was happening? My Clara and my client’s daughter Rene once Clara finished going to the bathroom struck up a conversation. I don’t know the contents of it but what I do know is when I came downstairs, both were wrapped up kissing, feeling and I’m almost positive they were fingering one another.

In the kitchen they stood wrapped up arm in arm, lips fervently applied to the others and noisily and passionately going at one another. I’m like what the fuck is going on? But I didn’t say a word. How could I? It was freakin erotic as hell. My girlfriend and my client’s daughter who both were wearing this spaghetti strap tops looked delicious and sexier then ever as each entangled themselves around the other. I watched female lips circling back and forth against female lips. I saw tits hitting tits. I saw hands pushing through the others hair. I saw hands plastered against one another’s boobs as they squeezed and smashed the other while each moaned and cooed.

It was erotic. I was should have been upset as hell seeing my girlfriend go at it with my customers daughter. I don’t know how two people could have become so attracted to one another that quickly. It blew my mind, but it was a huge turn on and I stood there while my cock hardened and I held my tool box. I wanted terribly to put it down. I wanted to put it down so I could reach into my pocket, down my pants or inside my zipper so I could squeeze my hard dick but no I did not.

I stood there amazed at these two chicks sucking face passionately and driving my hormones to new heights. How do I get out of this? How do I quietly step away, put down my tool box and step back to the doorway to the kitchen to watch it I asked myself.

“Ohhh fuck” I thought. “Finger her, slide your hand inside her shorts Clara. Let her finger you. Do anything or at least do something man. Suddenly Rene pushed my girlfriend against the island counter in the middle of the counter. This was getting out of hand but as I watched I said I don’t care.

“I don’t give a flying... well you know what I mean” I told myself. As I watched them the sounds emitted became so loud and their activity was going overboard. Clara was moaning aloud asking for Rene to feel her pussy.

I needed to jack off. I didn’t hear anything except the noisy results of them kissing, feeling one another up and Rene finger fucking Clara at my customer’s house. I didn’t think what would happen if she walked in. It didn’t even register with me if she did come in would I hear her?

I stood frozen watching silently with my mouth wide open as well as my eyes fixated on the most erotic thing in the world. Two girls who never met before in their life were having a bi-sexual moment in my customer’s kitchen.

I didn’t even hear her come in. I didn’t even hear her walk up behind me. I didn’t even smell her perfumed body standing behind me as she watched on too. I didn’t hear her breathing whatsoever as she stood behind me in shock as her daughter was getting it on with my girlfriend.

Suddenly I heard a whispering voice of a woman “Whoa now to me that’s a turn on. Is it to you Buddy?” I turned around in shock. I was scared to death. Rene and Clara stood up because I startled them. I didn’t know if I should apologize or what, but I knew my girlfriend should. She was caught off guard and so surprised she didn’t know what to say.

I turned to my customer and said “I suppose if you’re into that.”

“Looks like to me that you are” and she smiled. Looking at her daughter she didn’t scold her one bit. “Rene is she a friend of yours.”

“Nope she is Charlie’s girlfriend actually mom. Uhhh sorry but things... well I’m not sure what happened. Things got out of hand. I guess we could’ve gone somewhere and well you know.”

“Yeah I suppose you could have. Charlie here enjoyed it. What little I saw was entertaining. What is your name young lady” speaking to Clara. Clara told her. “Well Clara thank you for such wonderful entertainment. Your boyfriend loved it too from what I could tell.”

Clara walked out, Rene disappeared and my customer and I settled up the bill. She and I looked at each other. She was amused but aroused at the same time I assumed from all appearances. Me, well I was definitely aroused. My cock was still hard or beginning to finally relax making me wonder “Hey would you like to get it on with me since they set the mood for the day?”

I thanked her, she thanked me and as I left I heard her say “Try to have a nice day.” I turned around and she was smiling at me.

Getting in the truck I could tell Clara was out of it, but so was I. All I could think about was my girlfriend kissing my customers daughter among everything else. I didn’t get mad. I wasn’t sure I was upset. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to be mad. I knew one thing though. I knew I could maybe bring her on other jobs and get more exposure somehow using her as an advertising tool even though it was the most far-fetched idea in the world.

“I’m sorry” I heard her say after driving three or so miles. “I know it was inappropriate but...”
“It’s okay” is all I said. I didn’t know what else to say. We didn’t say another word. I had another job to go to which would take an hour. I didn’t talk and she thought I was mad. I was still in shock.
“Do you want me around to help you” she asked finally breaking the silence.
I pulled into a parking lot of a supply store. She thought I had to get something form it. I stared straight ahead for a minute finally turning to look at her. “Do you actually like me Clara?”
“Oh yeah of course I do.”
“I mean do you love me” I asked.
“Sure Charlie” she replied. “Just because I enjoy doing it with some girls and it isn’t with just anyone doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I love being with you. I love cuddling with you. I love being intimate and having sex too Charlie, but... well Charlie” she said as if she was going to ask a question. “I get these feeling about girls and well when I get them I... well I have no way of controlling myself. I go wild all over inside. I wanna just tear off my clothes, their clothes and have wild sex with them... just like you and I have sex together, but it’s uhhh different. Girls are different you know. They are so much different and I feel this sexual presence around some... well like Rene.”
“What do you mean” I asked.
“There was this feeling about her. It was so intense Charlie that I am unable to describe it. She gives off an aura that is sexual in nature and she wishes to let herself go, but she didn’t know she needed a woman to release it. Even though she and I didn’t reach that point, I got her started and she’ll orgasm soon.”
“Jesus Clara you’re making me horny” I remember telling her.
“Really like right now” she asked.
“Yeah like right now” I came back and she reached over to feel my bulging erection.
“Ohhhhhh shit Charlie. I could clear this stuff off the seat and give you a blow job. I’ll even swallow so there isn’t any mess in here” she told me. I told her no. “Come on Charlie let me do it for you. You’ll feel so much better if I do. Come one baby you know you want it right? Mmmmm you can feel it now. You’re already horny. A girls’ lips on your hard cock is gonna make your day. You can picture me and Rene finger fucking and kissing each other while I suck you off. I’ll lick it. It will feel beautiful.”

“But I hafta get to that job.”
“I know but I’ll swallow it all and we’ll be done in a jiffy” and she started to stroke my crotch. I tried pushing her hand away but her offer was way too good to pass up.

“Okay” I told her and she cracked a huge smile, turned around even more, unzipped me but then she undid my pants altogether. Putting her hand around it didn’t leave me limp too long. She was a natural. She disappeared below the dashboard, began licking it once I pushed my pants all the way past my knees and her mouth swallowed me whole.
God did I groan drowning out the noise in the background whether it was cars and trucks or my radio which was playing music she liked. Soon enough I was blowing my load and as soon as it came out she was gulping it down. Some went down my shaft but Clara licked it up clean as a whistle.
It blew my mind how she was so willing to please me the way she did. When she came up she smiled and told me I tasted great. She and I have been dating for several months and she’s given me several blow jobs, but when I asked her if she did it with other boyfriends she said not as much as me. I don’t know if she was lying to me but she sure didn’t look like it.

“Charlie does it bother you that I have this fetish doing it with other girls?”

“No I guess not” I told her. “Would you care if Rene and I get together again and if we do would you like to watch us maybe?”
“Yeah I suppose if its okay with her.”
“Don’t worry it will be. I can tell by her aura she’d like that.”
“Can I bring her mom too?”
“Yeah cool; I don’t care.”

my slave!

My best friend Sean was going to leave the town we were living in. He was going to move to the opposite side of the country. On one of the last days he was in town I helped him packing his stuff in moving boxes. When it was time for dinner, he asked if he shall invite me and my girlfriend Karen as well. I said yes, that would be a great idea, since it was a warm summer night and we could enjoy sitting outside. So I called Karen and asked her to get ready to go out. We would pick her up in one hour.
Sean left his car in the other town already, so he did rent a convertible for the time he was still in town. When we picked up Karen, she was wearing a short red dress, with its hem above her knees and black high heels. The dress had only small straps so knew she was not wearing a bra under the dress. Her B-size tits showed a nice cleavage.
When we drove to the restaurant, Sean and I were sitting in the front seats and Karen was sitting in the back, one foot behind each chair and leaning forward to listen to the conversation. Her dress rode up a little and I could see her cleavage when I turned around. I bet Sean saw that as well in the review mirror as well. We were talking and all enjoyed the ride with the convertible in the mild air of a summer night.
When we got to the restaurant, we were sitting outside on the patio at a small table and had two bottles of red wine with the food. The conversation was funny, but pretty normal.
Since my car was still at Sean's place, we decided to drive to his place after dinner. On the way back, Karen was leaning back in the car and just enjoying the wind on the backseat of the convertible. She sat there in the middle of the car, one foot again to each side and she did put both hands between her legs to hold down the hem of her dress.
When we arrived at Sean's place, we got another drink and he was reinstalling his music system in the room next to the living room. Karen was very horny when Sean left the room and started kissing me. I was in a funny mood as well and I started to slip my hand in the top of her dress.
I was right she wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples were hard after a few seconds. But the dress was tailored to her body, so it was not easy to get my fingers in her cleavage. To get better access to her tits, I opened the zipper at the back of her dress and pulled the dress a little to the side. She did not resist and I guess she enjoyed the situation, that Sean was so close in the next room with an open door between us. So he could come back any second.
Since Sean did not come back in the room, while he was looking for some better kind of music, I moved one strap of her dress down and exposed one of her nipples. I took it in my mouth and moved my hand now to her legs and up her dress. She was wearing panties, and I could feel that she was wet already. This was the point of no return for me and I got even hornier.
I had a massive hard on and thought I will test her how far she will go with such a situation. Sean could have come back into the room and would have seen her with one exposed tit.
The sofa we were sitting on was a little too narrow to get comfortable, so I moved her to the floor and removed her second strap of the dress as well. Now I moved the front of her dress down to her belly exposing both tits. Now she was laying only a few inches away from the door to the next room. I looked into her face and she had a big smile on her lips and closed her eyes.
I continued to suck on her nipples and alternated from one to the other. At the same time I moved my hand under her dress and moved her slip to the side. Now I was fingering her pussy while still sucking on her tits. After a few moments I moved her dress all the way up, so it was just around her hips. Now I was going down on her and massaged her clit with both hands and shortly after that I removed her panties.
Now she was completely exposed. But Sean did not come back into the room. As he later explained me, he saw us in action and did not want to interrupt us. So he stayed in the room next door and just looked around the corner one a while and was jerking off at the same time.
Now I could not wait any longer and pulled down my pants and started fucking her. After just a few moments I shoved her dress above her head and she was now only wearing her high heels. After fucking for some time, I changed our position I was laying on my back, while she was riding me backwards. So my head was close to the door of the other room.
Now I lost all my hesitance and called Sean to come back to us in the living room. When I saw him entering the room, I pulled Karen back to me, so she was laying on top of me with her back. She was on display at that time and my cock still in her pussy. I cupped her tits and showed them to him. I said: "You want to join? She is really horny"
He did not wait for a second and walked around us, so he could move between our legs. While I was still fucking her cunt he started to massage her clit. I pulled out of her and shoved my prick into her ass what was no problem since she was dripping wet and her ass was well lubricated. I spread her legs even wider and her cunt was on full display for Sean only inches away. He leaned forward and was now licking her cunt. I could feel her body in such an excitement, while I was fucking her from the back and feeling her tits.
I was wondering why he did not fuck her right away, but he told me later, that he jerked off in the room next door right before I called. So he needed some time to get hard again. But than he pulled down his pants and he started to fuck her in her cunt. Wow, that was such a great feeling to share my girl friend with my best friend. I could feel his cock moving in her cunt, while I was still fucking her ass.
Until now Karen was quite passive and let me conduct our game. But now, while Sean was fucking her she moved up and put her arms around his neck and was French kissing Sean. She was obviously not too drunk and knew exactly what was going on, because she said: "Yeah, come on fuck me. I want both of your cocks coming in me." That was the moment, when I shot my load up her asshole and just a few seconds later I could feel Sean erupting in her cunt as well.
While Karen was in the bathroom, Sean said, that he is sorry to move away, since this could be something he would like to repeat. And I agreed. After Karen came back from the restroom, we left home, since we both had to work the next day. When we arrived, home, we fucked again and were speaking about the evening. I said that she was a perfect sex slave and followed all my actions without complaints. She agreed and whispered in my ear: "Honey, I will be your sex slave if you want me to. Sweet dreams now, Sir."