Thursday, January 10, 2008

bisexual experience

I had to stop by a customer’s house to fix one minor detail on a shelving unit I installed and my girlfriend told me she’d wait in the truck while I did it. It would only take 10 minutes I told Clara.

After going upstairs I realized it would take about 3 times what I told her and initially she sat patiently in the truck while waiting for me. Now my customer wasn’t home but her daughter was and she knew who I was s she happily let me in.

Clara who is 4 years younger then me suddenly hard to pee so she got out of my truck went to the door and knocked on it. I ignored it figuring it was someone else. Mrs. Johnson’s daughter who is 21 and my girlfriend who is 22 seemed to hit it off, but they hit it off too well.

I know Clara’s sexy and I always thought René Johnson was hot too but never once did I see any chemistry happening between the two. I wasn’t thinking there would be to begin with. Upstairs tooling with the cabinet I was oblivious to what was happening.

What was happening? My Clara and my client’s daughter Rene once Clara finished going to the bathroom struck up a conversation. I don’t know the contents of it but what I do know is when I came downstairs, both were wrapped up kissing, feeling and I’m almost positive they were fingering one another.

In the kitchen they stood wrapped up arm in arm, lips fervently applied to the others and noisily and passionately going at one another. I’m like what the fuck is going on? But I didn’t say a word. How could I? It was freakin erotic as hell. My girlfriend and my client’s daughter who both were wearing this spaghetti strap tops looked delicious and sexier then ever as each entangled themselves around the other. I watched female lips circling back and forth against female lips. I saw tits hitting tits. I saw hands pushing through the others hair. I saw hands plastered against one another’s boobs as they squeezed and smashed the other while each moaned and cooed.

It was erotic. I was should have been upset as hell seeing my girlfriend go at it with my customers daughter. I don’t know how two people could have become so attracted to one another that quickly. It blew my mind, but it was a huge turn on and I stood there while my cock hardened and I held my tool box. I wanted terribly to put it down. I wanted to put it down so I could reach into my pocket, down my pants or inside my zipper so I could squeeze my hard dick but no I did not.

I stood there amazed at these two chicks sucking face passionately and driving my hormones to new heights. How do I get out of this? How do I quietly step away, put down my tool box and step back to the doorway to the kitchen to watch it I asked myself.

“Ohhh fuck” I thought. “Finger her, slide your hand inside her shorts Clara. Let her finger you. Do anything or at least do something man. Suddenly Rene pushed my girlfriend against the island counter in the middle of the counter. This was getting out of hand but as I watched I said I don’t care.

“I don’t give a flying... well you know what I mean” I told myself. As I watched them the sounds emitted became so loud and their activity was going overboard. Clara was moaning aloud asking for Rene to feel her pussy.

I needed to jack off. I didn’t hear anything except the noisy results of them kissing, feeling one another up and Rene finger fucking Clara at my customer’s house. I didn’t think what would happen if she walked in. It didn’t even register with me if she did come in would I hear her?

I stood frozen watching silently with my mouth wide open as well as my eyes fixated on the most erotic thing in the world. Two girls who never met before in their life were having a bi-sexual moment in my customer’s kitchen.

I didn’t even hear her come in. I didn’t even hear her walk up behind me. I didn’t even smell her perfumed body standing behind me as she watched on too. I didn’t hear her breathing whatsoever as she stood behind me in shock as her daughter was getting it on with my girlfriend.

Suddenly I heard a whispering voice of a woman “Whoa now to me that’s a turn on. Is it to you Buddy?” I turned around in shock. I was scared to death. Rene and Clara stood up because I startled them. I didn’t know if I should apologize or what, but I knew my girlfriend should. She was caught off guard and so surprised she didn’t know what to say.

I turned to my customer and said “I suppose if you’re into that.”

“Looks like to me that you are” and she smiled. Looking at her daughter she didn’t scold her one bit. “Rene is she a friend of yours.”

“Nope she is Charlie’s girlfriend actually mom. Uhhh sorry but things... well I’m not sure what happened. Things got out of hand. I guess we could’ve gone somewhere and well you know.”

“Yeah I suppose you could have. Charlie here enjoyed it. What little I saw was entertaining. What is your name young lady” speaking to Clara. Clara told her. “Well Clara thank you for such wonderful entertainment. Your boyfriend loved it too from what I could tell.”

Clara walked out, Rene disappeared and my customer and I settled up the bill. She and I looked at each other. She was amused but aroused at the same time I assumed from all appearances. Me, well I was definitely aroused. My cock was still hard or beginning to finally relax making me wonder “Hey would you like to get it on with me since they set the mood for the day?”

I thanked her, she thanked me and as I left I heard her say “Try to have a nice day.” I turned around and she was smiling at me.

Getting in the truck I could tell Clara was out of it, but so was I. All I could think about was my girlfriend kissing my customers daughter among everything else. I didn’t get mad. I wasn’t sure I was upset. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to be mad. I knew one thing though. I knew I could maybe bring her on other jobs and get more exposure somehow using her as an advertising tool even though it was the most far-fetched idea in the world.

“I’m sorry” I heard her say after driving three or so miles. “I know it was inappropriate but...”
“It’s okay” is all I said. I didn’t know what else to say. We didn’t say another word. I had another job to go to which would take an hour. I didn’t talk and she thought I was mad. I was still in shock.
“Do you want me around to help you” she asked finally breaking the silence.
I pulled into a parking lot of a supply store. She thought I had to get something form it. I stared straight ahead for a minute finally turning to look at her. “Do you actually like me Clara?”
“Oh yeah of course I do.”
“I mean do you love me” I asked.
“Sure Charlie” she replied. “Just because I enjoy doing it with some girls and it isn’t with just anyone doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I love being with you. I love cuddling with you. I love being intimate and having sex too Charlie, but... well Charlie” she said as if she was going to ask a question. “I get these feeling about girls and well when I get them I... well I have no way of controlling myself. I go wild all over inside. I wanna just tear off my clothes, their clothes and have wild sex with them... just like you and I have sex together, but it’s uhhh different. Girls are different you know. They are so much different and I feel this sexual presence around some... well like Rene.”
“What do you mean” I asked.
“There was this feeling about her. It was so intense Charlie that I am unable to describe it. She gives off an aura that is sexual in nature and she wishes to let herself go, but she didn’t know she needed a woman to release it. Even though she and I didn’t reach that point, I got her started and she’ll orgasm soon.”
“Jesus Clara you’re making me horny” I remember telling her.
“Really like right now” she asked.
“Yeah like right now” I came back and she reached over to feel my bulging erection.
“Ohhhhhh shit Charlie. I could clear this stuff off the seat and give you a blow job. I’ll even swallow so there isn’t any mess in here” she told me. I told her no. “Come on Charlie let me do it for you. You’ll feel so much better if I do. Come one baby you know you want it right? Mmmmm you can feel it now. You’re already horny. A girls’ lips on your hard cock is gonna make your day. You can picture me and Rene finger fucking and kissing each other while I suck you off. I’ll lick it. It will feel beautiful.”

“But I hafta get to that job.”
“I know but I’ll swallow it all and we’ll be done in a jiffy” and she started to stroke my crotch. I tried pushing her hand away but her offer was way too good to pass up.

“Okay” I told her and she cracked a huge smile, turned around even more, unzipped me but then she undid my pants altogether. Putting her hand around it didn’t leave me limp too long. She was a natural. She disappeared below the dashboard, began licking it once I pushed my pants all the way past my knees and her mouth swallowed me whole.
God did I groan drowning out the noise in the background whether it was cars and trucks or my radio which was playing music she liked. Soon enough I was blowing my load and as soon as it came out she was gulping it down. Some went down my shaft but Clara licked it up clean as a whistle.
It blew my mind how she was so willing to please me the way she did. When she came up she smiled and told me I tasted great. She and I have been dating for several months and she’s given me several blow jobs, but when I asked her if she did it with other boyfriends she said not as much as me. I don’t know if she was lying to me but she sure didn’t look like it.

“Charlie does it bother you that I have this fetish doing it with other girls?”

“No I guess not” I told her. “Would you care if Rene and I get together again and if we do would you like to watch us maybe?”
“Yeah I suppose if its okay with her.”
“Don’t worry it will be. I can tell by her aura she’d like that.”
“Can I bring her mom too?”
“Yeah cool; I don’t care.”

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