Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Cindy and Shelley were sitting on the bed in their t shirts and panties sipping wine and talking. Both were dateless for the evening and decided to share a bottle of wine and just hang out together. About two thirds of the way through the bottle Cindy giggled and said, I don't know why I drank this. This shit makes me so horny and Dave is away.

Guess I will need a cold shower tonight. As she was talking she offhandedly cupped a breast in her hand. Don't you masturbate? Shelley asked as she watched her friend. And as she watched Cindy touch herself, she felt a stirring in her groin and thought it odd that she would get turned on by it. Sometimes, but I would rather have someone licking and fucking me, wouldn't you? As she was talking she absentmindedly spread her legs and Shelley could see a damp spot on her panties. Yeah, but when I get really horny I have to finger myself. You ARE horny aren't you? You are wet. Yes I am. Your nipples are hard, is it getting YOU excited knowing that? Shelley blushed because it was indeed getting her aroused. What if I am?

What can you do about it? she boldly asked. Cindy leaned over and lightly kissed Shelley on the lips. A lot if you can keep it secret, she whispered. Cindy kissed her again, only this time with an open mouth. Shelley accepted Cindy's tongue and sucked on it greedily. Cindy cupped Shelley’s breast in her hand, then massaged her nipple through the fabric for a few moments. Cindy broke the kiss only to pull Shelley's shirt over her head. Having done that, Cindy leaned into her chest and kissed first one nipple then the other. Shelley moaned as Cindy started licking and sucking her breast. Soon Cindy licked her way down to Shelley’s panties and slowly eased them down, finding her shaved cunt. Shelley was guiding Cindy's head and when Cindy licked her clit Shelley could feel sparks go off. Mmm, that feels so good. I need to be licked baby. Cindy pulled back the folds of Shelley’s bald pussy and slowly licked around before she pushed her tongue deep inside her friend’s creamy cunt. Oh fuck yes! Push your tongue inside Cindy! Shelley moaned out. Cindy did as she was told, and then started tongue fucking her. Shelly cupped her tits in her hands as Cindy tongued her pussy. Oh eat it baby.

Make my little pussy cum! Shelley told her. Cindy started sucking Shelley’s clit harder. Suddenly Shelley yelled out that she was going to cum. Suck it Baby. Suck it! Gonna cum so hard! Cindy was greeted with a jet of pussy juice as Shelley squirted. Cindy drank it and kept sucking and licking her clit. Shelley forced her friend’s head into her pussy as she convulsed on the bed. Finally her spasms subsided and Cindy kissed her way back up Shelley's body. She kissed her and fed her some of her juice while Shelley was undressing her. Shelley sucked Cindy’s tits, enjoying the way they felt in her hand. Shelley hurriedly moved to Cindy's pussy, breathing in her aroma. She kissed Cindy’s cunt and tasted the wetness. As she licked her twat, she pushed a finger inside, causing Cindy to moan.

Shelley fingered Cindy all the while as she licked her clit. Mmm yes,that's it. Finger that pussy Shelley! Eat my clit! Cindy started bucking into her friend’s face. Just as Shelley put two fingers inside her pussy, Cindy yelled out that she was cumming! Suck it, you bitch! Eat that pussy! Make me cum damn you. Oh fuck I'm cumming! Cindy bowed her back and pushed her pussy into Shelley's face as she flooded her mouth with her creamy juices. Finally her clit became too sensitive for Shelley's tongue and she pushed her friends face away. Damn it woman, where did you learn to do that? Cindy asked when her breathing slowed. From you Baby. I have never done this before, Shelley told her. Well we definitely will have to do this more often.

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